FNF Coaches Talk — Weight Training in the Preseason, the Evolution of the Fullback

Good afternoon, Coaches. We’ve got a couple more stories for you today.

1. Football Weight Training Program For The Preseason (Gopher Performance)

Jason Ivesdal is the founder and CEO of Higher Power Training. He started Higher Power Training in 2004 and launched the current facility in 2008.

He’s found that Trifecta Training has been the best football weight training program for athletes that need to get in shape quickly.

Complex training is when you follow a heavy movement pattern followed by a similar lighter pattern, done as quickly as possible. Training a heavy movement ramps up (potentiates) the nervous system. As such, athletes will be able to move at faster velocities with subsequent movement patterns. Please note, the effect is lost if you rest too long. Furthermore, this particular training can be defined as the attainment of three important achievements or qualities. Trifecta Training simultaneously develops power, strength and stamina; utilizing 3 complexes paired with an active recovery exercise.

Below is an example program used for a NFL Pro Bowl defensive end.

How do you tweak your strength training plan for the preseason?

2. Why fullbacks won’t die off in the NFL, explained by the 3 at the 2018 Combine (SB Nation)

Football’s becoming more spread out. That’s been true for years in high school and college, and it becomes more true all the time in the NFL.

The de-clustering of the sport is naturally not the best thing for fullbacks, who have historically specialized at mashing in close quarters. There are now college teams that don’t use them, and many NFL teams have basically eliminated them.

The fullbacks who showed up at the NFL Combine expected about 2/3 of the teams in the league to consider them.

Oklahoma’s Dimitri Flowers:

I’d say I’m more of a versatile, athletic fullback. I do a lot of different things … That’s the No. 1 thing out here throughout all my team interviews and coaches interviews, and stuff such as that. I’m not the typical, “line up in the I,” iso fullback. I can absolutely get the job done. However. You look at my college film, I line up at tight end. I line up at H-back. I line up at running back. I’ve lined up almost everywhere on the field. That’s one thing coaches really appreciate about my film. They love my versatility.

Flowers was the perpetrator of one of college football’s meanest plays in 2017. In OU’s Bedlam rivalry game against Oklahoma State, he came out of the backfield and put a convincing move on an OSU safety, who happened to be his cousin, Tre.

What use does a fullback have in your offense?

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