FNF Coaches Talk — Weight Test Fundraiser, Reading a Pass Play, Video Editor to NFL

Good evening, Coaches. We hope you enjoy these three stories.

1. OCHS Football Team’s “Weight Test” Puts the Fun in Fundraising (OC NJ Daily)

Lift-A-Thons are becoming more popular for high school football teams, and we even did a story on them last spring.

The Ocean City, N.J., High football team is running with this idea and opening it to the public in the school’s high school weight room.

The Ocean City High School football team will celebrate the end of its winter weight training season with its sixth annual Weight Test fundraiser to benefit the football program.
Players solicit sponsors and then compete against each other – and the record books – in the dead lift and bench press.
The public is invited to attend the free event, set for 6 p.m. Tuesday, March 3, in the high school weight room.

The roster is divided into five teams of lifters, keeping the competitive juices flowing. It’s fast-paced, a bit raucous, and loud.

Strength training and off-season conditioning have become a huge element of football at every level of the game. Technique coaching and weight training of high school players are equally important to blocking and tackling in a highly competitive sport.

The Red Raiders are a team often smaller than their opponents, but rarely less fit. Several games decided late could be traced back to a large degree to the weight room.
Fittingly, the Weight Test fundraiser takes the team’s lifting program from behind the scenes to center stage and recognizes its importance to the squad’s overall success.


What is your team’s big fundraiser this spring?

2. Monday Morning QB Asks: How Would You Read This Pass Play? (FirstDown PlayBook)

Our friends at FirstDown PlayBook pick a play to explain and diagram each week. On Monday, they pose a question to coaches. On Wednesday, they answer it in their daily blog.

Assuming that all of the players on your offense are of similar talent level, how would you read this 3×1 drop back pass? Would you read it differently vs a closed middle of the field as opposed to one that is open?

What about man vs zone? Does that affect where you want the quarterback’s eyes to go?

How would you teach your players to read this play?


3. Leoti man turns video editing skills in NFL career (The Mercury)

This is a cool story about a techie using his skills to help him break into the NFL as a member of a coaching staff.

After graduation from K-State, Billy Fogo joined the football program’s video services department full time under award-winning director Scott Eilert. They worked closely with then-head football coach Bill Snyder, editing and providing him cut-ups of video clips which could be analyzed to study an opponent’s tendencies in play-calling.

During this time, the industry was transitioning from manual editing to computerized editing. DVSport Software, a sports video editing software company in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, invited Billy to join them.

DVSport is a leading provider of video editing software for the NFL and other clients. The software is primarily used for two purposes: Team tendency analysis and official replay. Various NFL teams use the DVSport software system to analyze an opponent’s tendencies in play-calling. For example, what play would their opponent tend to call on third-and-short or second-and-long?

For replays, the DVSport system has made it possible to improve and expedite those official reviews – thank goodness. “In the ACC, it was taking five or eight or ten minutes to complete a review,” Billy said.
The new system worked so well that DVSport is now the primary company on the replay market, serving all FBS and FCS schools and more. According to the DVSport website, the company’s replay system has been used in more than 400 venues, 10,000 collegiate football games, 1,500 professional games, and 15,000 collegiate basketball games. Upon further review, that’s pretty darn good.


What is one way in which you could become more efficient breaking down film?

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