FNF Coaches Talk — Using BINGO as a Team-Building Activity, the People Who Can’t Have Bad Practices, NFL Coach to HS Coordinator

Welcome back, Coaches. We hope you’re staying healthy. We’ve got three stories for you.

1. UW-Whitewater uses senior BINGO as team-building opportunity (WKOW 27)

We’re all looking for team-building opportunities at this time of year, and the UW-Whitewater football team set a good example for teams at every level.

The Warhawks have joined other teams on campus in reaching out to the surrounding community. Most recently, the Warhawks played bingo with residents at Fairhaven Senior Services.

UW-Whitewater head coach Kevin Bullis says the relationship with Fairhaven began years ago and includes multiple teams in the athletic department. His team has made a yearly tradition of coming to play bingo, while also inviting residents to come watch a football practice in fall.

“Because each year we come back and they visit us once, we visit them, there’s a bond. People and the players get to know the seniors. Even many of the classes that they have will come over and do types of things. It’s really a great university connection.”


What team-building activities are you seeking out in your community this spring?

2. The Three People Who Can Never Have a Bad Practice in a Successful Program (Drew Maddux)

We love this idea, even though it doesn’t apply specifically to football. Houston men’s basketball coach Kelvin Sampson states his theory on what it takes to have a successful program.

The same can be said of a head coach, best player and quarterback of a football team, right?

Who do you count on to set the tone for your program with energy and enthusiasm?

3. Former NFL head coach decides at age 53 to make move to … high school coordinator? (Sarasota Herald-Tribune)

We missed this story a few weeks ago, so we figured we’d share in case you did too.

Todd Haley, who served as the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs from 2009 through 2011, has been hired as the offensive coordinator for Riverview High School in Sarasota, Florida.

The 52-year-old Haley last served as the offensive coordinator in 2018 for the Cleveland Browns. But he, along with head coach Hue Jackson, was fired after a Week 8 loss to his former team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Haley, who has a home in the area and whose daughter attends Out-of-Door Academy, was introduced to Rams head coach Josh Smithers through former Ram TJ Nutter.

“We were talking and he brought him up and I asked him, ‘You think he’d watch some film?’ ” Smithers said. “So he came over to Riverview late in the season and we watched some film.”

After the season, when former offensive coordinator Jared Clark’s name became linked to the Cardinal Mooney High School head coaching job he would eventually take, Smithers reached out to Nutter to gauge Haley’s interest in becoming the Rams’ offensive coordinator.

“I said, ‘Hey, what do you think?’ And he said, ‘I don’t know, give it a shot.’ Once I knew Jared had the job, I just reached out to him, ‘Would you like to coach still?’


What aspects of being a high school coach make it more appealing than coaching in the NFL?

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