FNF Coaches Talk — Tyreek Hill Acceleration Workout, 50 Greatest Trick Plays, Youth Football Helmet Ratings

FNF Coaches Talk

Good afternoon, Coaches. Here are some stories we’re talking about today.

1. Watch: Tyreek Hill acceleration workout (versafyt.com)

Every football player on the planet would love to have Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill’s acceleration. In this video, Nick Waddell shares two drills that focus specifically on acceleration. A player’s speed shows up on film when he is able to accelerate faster than his opponents. It’s the ability to start and stop and change gears within a sprint — which is what skill position players must be able to do to separate.

The two drills are the violent high knee drive and a cone drill in which the player accelerates with a burst every 5 yards.

Coaches — Which drills do you run that help players focus specifically on acceleration?

2. 50 Greatest Trick Plays (Complex)

Looking for a few trick plays to add to your playbook? Here’s 50 that have worked in pro and college football.

This one’s still one of our favorites — a Kansas player lying in the end zone to blend in with the turf.

We also like this one — Steve Spurrier taking a page out of baseball’s hidden ball trick.

3. Virginia Tech lab releases first safety ratings for youth football helmets (WDBJ 7)

Most high school coaches have some interaction with the local youth football program, and some even set it up as a feeder system into high school. If you’re one of those coaches, be sure to pass along the latest results of the Virginia Tech helmet testing for youth helmets.

Researchers in the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab began collecting data on varsity football players in 2003, and they issued their first helmet ratings in 2011.

Since then they have steadily expanded to different levels of football, and other sports.

They tested every youth football helmet currently on the markets. Seven models, including at least one from each manufacturer, received the lab’s highest rating.

Here’s a look at the youth helmet ratings.

How do you help support player safety for your local youth program?

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