FNF Coaches Talk — Total Air Raid System, Team Express Contest, MVP and USA Football Partner

Welcome back, Coaches. We’ve got three stories for you, one of which includes a chance to win some prize money.

1. Video: Total Air Raid System — Dart/Dart Q (CoachTube)

Good news, coaches. We’ve partnered up with CoachTube, and we will now be able to share free videos with you. Of course, CoachTube is a paid subscription service, so if you like what you see, please consider subscribing to the video package.

In the meantime, we can share this video about the Total Air Raid System. Coach George Coltharp is the founder of the 92 Mesh Group, a group of like-minded coaches who are disciples of the Air Raid Offensive system.

Check out our Video of the Day to watch.

What other topics do you want us to share in video form?

2. The Team Express $50 Gift Card Contest (Football America)

We’ve also partnered with Team Express to collaborate on a weekly contest in which the winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to the Football America online team distribution website. That’s right! For the entire month of July, we’ve giving away a $50 gift card EVERY WEEK.

Here’s the explanation:

What will you spend your $50 gift certificate on if you win?

3. Mobile Virtual Player (MVP) Becomes USA Football’s Preferred Tackling Equipment Partner (USA Football Blog)

Mobile Virtual Player (MVP) – the company to develop and patent the world’s first self-righting robotic tackling dummy to help reduce player-on-player contact and the overall incidence of injuries suffered during football practices – is now the preferred tackling equipment partner of USA Football.

This summer, MVP released a newer lower-priced model, MVP|SPRINT, for high school and youth programs.  By redesigning and sourcing consumer electronic parts, the MVP team was able to successfully create a robotic dummy that is durable, sells for $3,450 and has increased performance on grass and the rougher field types that high school and youth programs often practice on.

The MVP|SPRINT will begin shipping in August for the 2019 season and is now available for order. Reserve yours today with a $350 down payment. For more information on MVP, visit www.mvpdummy.com.

What training devices are you using in practice to make the game safer?

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