FNF Coaches Talk — The world of HS football on Twitter

FNF Coaches Talk

Good afternoon, Coach! Here’s what’s going on in the world of high school football Twitter.

1. Going for it on fourth-and-1 continues to lead to more points in 2020 (Michael Lopez)

We all know we SHOULD be going for it more on fourth down. So, why don’t we?

What’s stopping you from going for it more often on fourth down?

2. A lack of money is no excuse for not staying hydrated (Uber Facts)

If a player tells you he can’t afford to stay hydrated, show him this stat.

How do you ensure your athletes stay hydrated?

3. Bill Walsh was instrumental in integrating NFL coaching (Mercury News)

When we think of Bill Walsh, we think about him as an innovator of the West Coast Offense. Little did we know he was also instrumental in integrating the coaching landscape in the NFL.

Read the entire story.

What can you do to help integrate the coaching landscape in your region?

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