FNF Coaches Talk — The mental health impact of sports, cross-country transfers, Larry Fitzgerald’s humility

Welcome back, Coaches. We’ve got a few stories for you.

1. Return of high school sports bringing positive change to student mental health (FOX 11 News )

We’re all worried about the mental health impact of a lost high school football season — and for good reason. It appears high school sports have an all-around positive effect on mental health for high school athletes.

A University of Wisconsin Health survey shows a dramatic rise in negative mental health feelings as a result. That study’s release came on the heels of the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association’s decision to schedule the first Friday night for football on Sept. 25.

The WIAA decision comes after University of Wisconsin Health researchers found 68 per cent of student athletes reported feelings of anxiety and depression. The study included more than 3,200 students.
Now the study says shutting down sports caused depression and anxiety for student athletes, but Boyce says when businesses and gyms started to open back up, he saw kid’s mental health turn around first hand.

Read the entire story.

What will you do to try to lift your players’ mentally if the football season is pushed to the spring?

2. Top California high school prospect transferring to Georgia so he can play fall season (247Sports)

Here’s a trend we didn’t expect to see. Four- and five-star high school prospects are transferring to states in which football is expected to be played this fall.

USC quarterback commit Jake Garcia will play his senior year of football at Valdosta (Ga.).

Garcia was at La Habra (Calif.) and set to play for his hometown school this fall. When California football was pushed back to January, Garcia decided to make the move to the Georgia perennial power.

“I’m really excited about the decision,” Garcia said. “For me, it was big to play as a senior. I need those game reps and this is going to be a big year for me mentally as well in terms of preparing for college.
“With not just California football shut down but the entire West Coast pretty much, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, etc, I knew I had to leave the region. Like I said, I think senior year is a really important time to learn and get better. This will be big for my development and I felt this was the best move for me to make long term.”

Garcia still plans to report to USC in January, so he wanted to pick a school that is accustomed to showcasing early graduates.

“That’s a big time program,” Garcia said. “Football is huge in the South so I’m looking forward to the experience. I’m exited to see what Southern football is all about, plus I have family in Atlanta and they talked about what a great school Valdosta is and what great tradition they have.
“The facilities are amazing but it’s not just about football. They have a great academic reputation as well so it checked off all the boxes for me. I think the move will really benefit me as an early graduate and it will help prepare me when I get to college in January.”

Read the entire story.

What advice would you give a player who is considering transferring to a school in another state so he can play football in the fall?

3. Must-watch humility: Larry Fitzgerald gracious enough to carry equipment bag (Arizona Cardinals)

This is a great video for coaches to show players who think they’re too big to carry equipment or do the grunt work.

Sixteen years into what is likely a Hall of Fame career, and he’s still carrying the equipment.

How do you show your players the importance of remaining humble?

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