FNF Coaches Talk — The March/April Edition of FNF Coaches Is Live, SportsYou and THSCA, Recruiting and Coronavirus

It’s Friday, Coaches. We’ll celebrate any chance we get at this point, even if tomorrow isn’t going to look much different from today. Anyway, three stories for you …

1. The digital edition of our March/April publication is live! (FNF Coaches)

We are happy to bring you the March/April edition of FNF Coaches, which has a strength and conditioning theme. With the current climate, we understand that the way you communicate with players has changed. We recognize you are looking for at-home workouts for your players. We also recognize that the coronavirus outbreak has caused massive changes to our spring plans. We offer advice for handling this unique situation as well.

Quick programming note: The next FNF Coaches edition will be the Tech edition. If you know of a tech product or story angle, we want to hear from you. Reach out on Twitter or FNF@ae-engine.com.

Also — we would like the opportunity to hear stories as to how you are handling and addressing the impact of Coronavirus with your team, your school and your community.  There are many lessons to be learned here. We hope you feel comfortable sharing your stories of concern, frustration and even fear. Of course, we also know those can be balanced with stories of inspiration and leadership. Now is the time to share your thoughts with your high school football community.

Please check out our March/April edition of FNF Coaches.

2. Free SportsYou App Will Help Coaches Communicate During Extended Break (FNF Coaches)

Starting on Monday, the Texas High School Coaches Association (THSCA) will require coaches to use the sportsYou app for certification and professional development opportunities.

“In order for coaches and teachers to keep getting funding, they have to provide curriculum, and our platform enables them to do this,” said sportsYou co-founder Brad Matthews. “They’re putting out a video curriculum with an ability to share daily exercises, sports performance courses, motivational speeches, game film, and information on strength training and nutrition.”

Coaches in Texas, Illinois and Indiana can share information from the state athletic associations on safety, nutrition, training techniques and instructional videos with their own players. Whether on your phone or computer, in minutes you can set up as many teams/groups as you want on sportsYou. You can create private teams or groups for the varsity, junior varsity and freshmen programs. You can also take it a step further to share specific information to only your defense, offense, special teams and so on.

While face-to-face coaching opportunities will be restricted for the unforeseeable future, the sportsYou app offers coaches the opportunity to reach and motivate their players virtually.

“What sportsYou has been able to accomplish during this time is getting the connection between coaches and coach associations,” said sportsYou sales associate Harrison Hefele. “This allows coaches to get updated information to athletes and parents on the same platform. A head coach can separate his team into separate distribution groups and share information in two clicks. It’s giving them an ability to manipulate content and send it to who they want.”


How are you communicating with your players now that you’re no longer seeing them everyday?

3. How coronavirus concerns may affect college football’s recruiting calendar (The Seattle Times)

Well, everything else on the calendar is getting affected by the coronavirus, so why not recruiting?

First, a recruiting refresher: the spring evaluation period — when coaching staffs can “be involved in off-campus activities designed to assess the academic qualifications and playing ability of prospective student-athletes,” according to the NCAA — lasts from April 15 through the end of May. This is a critical period for both programs and underrecruited prospects who may require a spring showcase to earn scholarship offers.

And, more than likely, it’ll be altered — canceled or postponed — by coronavirus concerns.

“Right now, if you’re an under-the-radar guy who was really banking on the spring to be your coming-out party, there’s probably reason to be nervous about how things are going to go,” 247Sports national recruiting editor Brandon Huffman told The Times this week. “The spring evaluation period, for so many guys that are under the radar that coaches just want to see in person, is where they really start to see their recruitment take off.
“Now we don’t know when that’s going to happen. We don’t know if it’s going to happen at all.”

Though, it shouldn’t be assumed that the spring evaluation period will be entirely eliminated. It will more likely bleed into the otherwise unoccupied summer months.

“There may not be a dead period in the summer now like there has been in July the last couple years,” Huffman said. “You may just see the evaluation period go straight from let’s say, realistically, late April or early May all the way through fall camp. Now, maybe they close it for a couple weeks in August and leave it open the whole month of July so that coaches aren’t having to do recruiting during fall practice. But I bet you’re going to see a lot more schools that had to give up when they wanted to have kids on campus in the spring now try to do some kind of recruiting event in August, if they have a fall scrimmage or anything else going on.


Is there anything coaches can do to help their athletes get recruited right now?

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