FNF Coaches Talk — The Lies College Football Coaches Tell, Ways to Relax, Rob Mendez at the ESPYs

Welcome back, Coaches. We hope you enjoy these three stories.

1. The lies college football coaches tell during training camp (CBS Sports)

Well, we’re getting ready to start training camp in a lot of regions of the country, and we all know we’ll be saying some things that … aren’t true.

This is a funny column with the five biggest lies we tell our players during training camp. I encourage you to read the story, but here are the five.

5. “Every job is open. There are no starters here. It’s a competition.”
4. “Our goal is to win the conference.”
3. “Our strength and conditioning staff made some changes that are really going to pay off during the season.”
2. “We’re only focused on Week 1.”
1. “We don’t pay attention to what the media is saying about us this year.”

The explanations after reach one are pretty funny, give it a read!

What is one lie you tell your players during training camp?

2. NFL Coach Reveals 4 More Ways to Relax and Reduce Stress (Cheat Sheet)

Coaches — If you’re stressed out at this time of year, you need to find ways to unwind. It’s only going to get more stressful after the season kicks into high gear.

The Cheat Sheet received some valuable stress-management and relaxation advice from former NFL coach Steve Gera. Here are four of his best tips.

1. Head outside
2. Exercise
3. Learn to appreciate “good stress”
4. Keep technology at a minimum

Again, the explanations are worth your while, so give it a read.

What do you do to relieve stress before the start of the season?

3. Rob Mendez ESPY 2019 Award Winner: Coach Wins Jimmy V Perseverance Award (Heavy)

If you were watching the ESPYs last night, you saw this motivational story.

Rob Mendez, ESPY 2019 winner of the Jimmy V Perseverance Award, pursued his dream to become a football coach despite the fact he was born without arms and legs.

“When you dedicate yourself to something and open your mind to different possibilities … you really can go places in this world,” he said during his acceptance speech.

Mendez has a rare disease called tetra-amelia syndrome. He gained noteriety after telling his story on an ESPN SportsCenter Featured Piece in February 2019 called “Who Says I Can’t?” The special is named for his catch phrase and his football team’s rallying cry.

“There’s definitely doubters out there, like parents,” he said on the trailer. “That lights a fire under my belly and gets me excited to really just try to prove people wrong about it.”

Coaches — We want to do stories on coaches like this. Who is the most inspirational coach in your community?

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