FNF Coaches Talk — The influence of a coach, leadership skills of coaches, Riddell and Catapult partner

Happy Friday, Coaches. We hope you enjoy the weekend. Here are three stories for you.

1. Influence and Responsibility of a Coach | Colt McCoy (CoachTube)

Our friends at CoachTube are opening up some free content for coaches, and this particular video is a great motivational tool during this period. Our friends at CoachTube have made this course free, and it’s typically $20.

Even though we are not seeing athletes face-to-face, we have opportunities to influence them through video conferencing, phone calls, texts or even video game chats.

This speech is 30 minutes, so you’ll have to find the right time to watch. But we highly recommend making some time for this.


How are you finding ways to influence your players during this period?

2. Coaching Skills To Step Up Your Leadership Game (Forbes)

This is a helpful story on leadership and how we should be leading during this crisis. The entire article is worth a read, but two tips in particular stand out as particularly relevant to coaches right now.

No. 1: Listen. The right way. We’re all putting in the time on Zoom and other online platforms, trying to reach out players. Don’t go through the motions.

Listening is almost always on the top of any list of leadership skills, and it’s huge for coaches, too. But the way you listen matters. A lot.
As Jennifer Garvey Berger points out in her book “Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps,” listening to win (focusing on reinforcing your own position) or listening to fix (approaching the conversation as a problem) can be detrimental to great leadership. Both ways of listening serve to shut down conversations and limit solutions.
Listening to learn, on the other hand, helps leaders (and coaches) use curiosity to find out more about the issue and explore alternative solutions. This unlocks the trap of needing to be right so

The second piece of advice: Don’t be afraid to challenge when something doesn’t feel right.

As a coach, I sometimes observe something that a client says or does that feels a little off. Their body language doesn’t match their words, their voice changes volume or pitch, or what they’re saying doesn’t align with their actions.
When you find this happening in a conversation with your employees, it can be a big hint that something needs to be explored. It’s okay (and even smart) to notice these things and ask questions. Some of my clients’ biggest breakthroughs happen through these challenging discussions.


How are you changing the way you’re communicating with players who might be struggling right now?

3. Riddell and Catapult Team Up to Advance Football Team Performance and Player Protection (Business Wire)

Coaches might be interested in this partnership, which will hopefully make the game safer.

Riddell announced a partnership with sports science and analytics company Catapult. The two organizations formed this new partnership in order to further integrate emerging athlete data in football. Riddell InSite, the game’s leading smart helmet technology, will now integrate its advanced impact data into Catapult’s XOS video system. Together the new partnership provides coaches with unique information that can be used to reduce head impact exposure and improve player performance.

It sounds like a win for football coaches across the country who are dealing with declining participation numbers due to the concerns of concussions.


How do you use GPS technology — if at all?

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