FNF Coaches Talk — The importance of football, where all states stand on HS football, Belichick’s core principles

FNF Coaches Talk

Welcome back, Coaches. Here’s today’s top three stories.

1. ESPN’s Marty Smith talks about the importance of high school football (ESPN)

This will give you goosebumps! If you’re down about the state of high school football at the moment, watch this.


What makes high school so special in your mind?

2. Where the start of high school sports stands in all 50 states amid pandemic (MaxPreps)

State high school sports organizations continue to monitor and update plans for high school sports resumption during the summer months, into the fall season and for the entire 2020-21 calendar.

After most states canceled basketball championships and the coronavirus pandemic wiped out the spring season, the focus of ensuring summer conditioning, an on-time fall start and the entire 2020-21 campaign continues to be a fluid, and sometimes divisive, issue. Nearly all want high school sports to return, but the question for state organizations and administrators remains how to move forward safely.

We’ve seen states move forward while some have already modified plans as spikes in COVID-19 cases across some of the country have forced states to double back on re-opening plans.

The National Federation of State High School Associations has offered a 16-page guide to help states with the possible reopening of athletics.

We’ve attempted to consolidate information about re-start and workout plans for all 50 states and the District of Columbia, refreshing it as needed, so the information below is as up-to-date as possible.

Here’s where each state stands on a return to play in all sports.

What’s been the biggest challenge in your state’s return to play guidelines?

3. Bill Belichick’s core offensive and defensive principles are exposed (Move the Sticks)

Thanks to NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah, we have a better idea of exactly how Belichick goes about picking personnel and building a formula for on-field success.

And here’s the defense.

What do you look for in players at each position?

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