FNF Coaches Talk — The Friday Night Lights podcast, strength training on social media, play the defensive coordinator

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Here’s the three stories.

1. Friday Night Lights Watch Party — Season 1, Episode 2 (FNF Coaches)

Coach Ryan Dieck and FNF Coaches Editor-in-Chief Dan Guttenplan continue their conversation about the hit NBC drama Friday Night Lights by breaking down Season 1, Episode 2 – “Eyes Wide Open.” We’ve always wanted to comb through this critically-acclaimed TV show and hear from the perspective of a real-life high school football coach.

In this episode, the podcast hosts focus on the way the citizens of Dillon, Texas, heal in the wake of quarterback Jason Street’s serious injury. They also talk about Coach Taylor’s most daunting task in Week 2 – getting Matt Saracen ready to play.

Join us as we re-watch this uber-bingeable series on Hulu, and let us know your take on Twitter @fnfcoaches

2. Florida strength coach uses social media to train athletes, free workouts for community (12 News)

We’re all trying to figure out how we can make a positive impact on student-athletes in the current landscape, and this story is a nice reminder that it IS possible.

John Garrish remains one call away from his students at North Broward Preparatory School. Since COVID-19 has nearly erased the ability to meet up, the director of athletic development and track and field coach is using the power of social media to meet with his athletes.

“For young people I think, through Snapchat and Instagram is where they dwell,” said Garrish.

The Boca Raton native is using those platforms to stay connected, sending his athletes workouts – creating a new normal and doing it in a safe way.

“We just had to find our new routine so I said fitness and wellness is going to be a major part of that. In addition I also told them it would give us a real opportunity to stress and discuss sleep and nutrition habits,” said Garrish.


How are you staying connected with your players right now?

3. How Would You Adjust To Stop This Run? (FirstDown PlayBook)

Our friends at FirstDown PlayBook shared this post with us because their Monday Morning Quarterback segment has been a big hit with high school coaches.

The FirstDown PlayBook Monday Morning Quarterback had a defensive problem for you to solve this week. The example defense has a four man front and while playing quarters behind it.

You are the defensive coordinator.


What adjustment(s) are you going to make to get this run stopped? 

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