FNF Coaches Talk — Texas has staggered start, cooling technology on synthetic turf

FNF Coaches Talk

Good afternoon, Coaches. We hope you’re hanging in there. Here are a few stories for you.

1. Texas to play high school football on a staggered schedule in 2020 (UIL)

The University Interscholastic League, the governing body of public high schools in Texas, announced Tuesday that the season will be delayed by a few weeks in the state’s four smallest classifications, and by more than a month in the two largest.

Conferences 4A through 1A may begin practice on Aug. 3 and games on Aug. 27 — keeping the existing schedule as previously written — while those in 5A and 6A must wait until Sept. 7 to begin practice and Sept. 24 to play games.

What challenges will this new schedule present?

2. North Carolina high school installs football field with cooling technology (WBTV3)

As more high school teams make the switch to synthetic turf fields, one overlooked fact is that synthetic turf temperatures can get hot, as the turf holds the heat more than grass.

West Cabarrus High (N.C.) became the latest high school in the region to install T°Cool®, described as “a revolutionary eco-friendly evaporative cooling technology,” on their new synthetic turf field.

West Cabarrus HS is also set to install T°Cool® on two auxiliary fields this summer.
T°Cool® is a proven solution, according to the release, that reduces synthetic turf surface temperatures by 30 to 50 degrees, making the fields cooler, safe and more playable, without compromising the performance benefits.

West Cabarrus High School joins Kings Mountain High School, Cox Mill High School, J.M. Robinson High School, Henry Fork River Park in Hickory, and The Citadel in Charleston as the early T°Cool® adopters in the region.

Here’s the full story.

How do you keep your synthetic field cool?

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