FNF Coaches Talk — Tennessee coach inspires on Twitter, viral workout videos, return-to-play schedules

FNF Coaches Talk

We hope you’re having a good week. We found all three of these stories on Twitter.

1. Tennessee coach provides inspiring words: ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and I’ve got plenty of will.’ (Clinton High, Tenn., Twitter)

We’re all starting to hear positive news with teams returning to practice — or at least starting to set a plan to do so.

We encourage all coaches to go ahead and reach out to your players and staff on Twitter, and set the tone for the return to play with some inspiring words. Clinton High (Tenn.) Coach Keith has a realistic, yet optimistic message here.

What are you doing to inspire your players through social media?

2. Spring football being cancelled & gyms being closed was not going to stop @PeteySimmons and his dad (ABC 7 FL)

We’ve seen a lot of at-home workout videos in the last few months, and this might be the most impressive of all. It makes us wonder: Will the players who have parents/siblings to workout with at home be in the best position when we return to the fields?

How are your players sharing their strength training updates?

3. McMinn County (TN) football coach shares return-to-play schedule (McMinn County Twitter)

I think we’re all wondering what those first practices will look like once we get the green light to return to the field. Here’s an example of what it looks like for Tennessee coaches, who are trying to limit practices to eight players while continuing to practice safe strategies through social distancing.

What do you think your first practice will look like when you return to the field?

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