FNF Coaches Talk — Strength and Conditioning Tips from a College Coach, Tempering Kyle Shanahan’s Temper, Speed Kills

Welcome back, Coaches. We’re getting fired up for the Super Bowl, and we’ve got three stories to prove it.

1. CoachTube Video: Get Strength and Conditioning Tips for Former Arkansas State Football Performance Coach

It’s a great time of year to add to your strength and conditioning program, and this video is a good place to start.

Matt Shadeed spent three years at Arkansas State University, leading the football strength and conditioning. The Red Wolves’ football program won back-to-back conference championships (2015, 2016) under his direction. Prior to Arkansas State, Shadeed spend two years as the assistant strength and conditioning coach for football at the University of Mississippi. Shadeed recently accepted a position as Director of Athletic Performance for the Baylor University women’s basketball program.

A proper strength and conditioning regimen is an essential part of developing healthy, resilient high-performing athletes. In this video, Matt Shadeed gives a quick introduction of the Arkansas State football strength and conditioning program. Among the topics covered are: Weight Room Warm Up, Stationary Dynamic Warm Up, Dynamic Warm Up, Dynamic Linear Improvement Drills, Multidirectional Movement Skills, Plyometric Progressions, Power Clean Progression, Squatting Variations, The Split Jerk Exercise, The Trap Bar Deadlift, Upper Body Auxiliary Exercises and the Pillar Protection Program. This program is an invaluable resource for coaches and athletes looking to elevate their training program to a new level.

If you would like to purchase the entire course for $25, click here.

2. Kyle Shanahan’s blunt, honest criticism of coaches, players requires balance (NFL.com)

We never pictured Kyle Shanahan to be the “hothead” type, but apparently the people who work for him have seen it up and close and personal.

A year into the partnership with Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan, the relationship was strained, culminating in a clear-the-air session in Southern California in which the two men, in Ryan’s words, “worked it out over a couple of beers.”

The next season, Ryan became the league’s MVP — and staked the Falcons to a 25-point lead in the Super Bowl before the operation imploded.

The reports of tension with Ryan in 2015 stung Shanahan, because they continued a recurring theme: From Donovan McNabb and Griffin in Washington, to Johnny Manziel in Cleveland and later to Ryan, there was talk that Shanahan’s bluntness and perfectionism were off-putting to quarterbacks, tarnishing his reputation in some quarters.

“There’s some truth in that,” said former 49ers quarterbacks coach Rich Scangarello, who was an offensive quality control coach for the Falcons in 2015. “Just like he is with coaches, Kyle is very demanding of everyone around him, and that includes the quarterback. And he’s gonna hold you to an expectation, and he’s gonna call you out when you don’t meet those expectations. And when you’re having that happen a lot, regardless of how good you are, it feels like the guy’s always riding you. That’s just kinda Kyle’s way — and the good ones feel it, they know what he’s teaching them and what he brings to the table, and it really doesn’t bother them.”

As demanding as he is of quarterbacks, Shanahan holds his coaches to even more rigorous standards. In that sense, his personality blends nicely with the affable, personable Lynch, who sometimes gets urgent calls or texts from assistant coaches or other staff members imploring him to intervene.

“I don’t want to make it seem like he’s this hothead, but he can run hot from time to time, and I think we balance each other out,” 49ers general manger John Lynch said. “Kyle and I have a good yin and yang. And so often times there’s a call or a text, ‘Can you come down and help out?’ Sometimes it’s just, ‘HELP.’ So I’ll walk down there. But the great thing with him is, he can rip you, but then the next day, it’s gone, it’s out. He says his piece and then it’s gone … and it’s all in an effort to challenge you to be your best.”

What structure do you have in place to repair relationships in your program when you’ve crossed a line?

3. Speed Kills in Today’s NFL (NextGen Stats)

The eye test backs this up, and now we have the analytics to prove it. With new GPS tracking technology through Catapult and other companies, we can determine which of the NFL teams are the fastest.

This stat will prove that speed kills. Take a look at the fastest teams in the NFL, and you’ll find the top two teams are at the very top of the list. This is a measure of how fast the offensive ball-carriers are moving with the ball on average.,

Of course, this isn’t a black and white issue, as the Tennessee Titans advanced to the AFC Championship with a power running game behind Derrick Henry. So, play to your team’s strengths. But if that happens to be speed, you’re in pretty good shape.

What efforts have you made to improve team speed?

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