FNF Coaches Talk — Stats for Coaches, a GPS/Head Impact Partnership, a Mental Health App

Welcome back, Coaches. We’ve got a few stories for you today.

1. Stat advice for high school football coaches from pro, college statistician (MaxPreps)

High school coaches are so busy with so many things on game day that they often don’t think about the importance of stat keeping. It can be so important when it comes to making in-game adjustments or personnel decisions.

The best way would be to find a couple of adults (to do complete stats right during a live game generally requires two people or one very good one) who are connected to the school, but don’t have children in the program. Look for teachers, recent graduates, alumni, etc. If you can’t find an adult, then try to find two students. I’d start with the in-coming freshmen so you wouldn’t have to worry about it every year.

Most times, stats will re-enforce what you’re feeling in the moment. But there are times that the stats expose a weakness you haven’t accounted for.

Obviously the game film is more important than the stats, but what statistics show you is what worked and what needs to be improved. Often, it reinforces what you thought you were seeing, but sometimes it exposes things you didn’t realize during the heat of the game.

What is your process for keeping stats during games?


Here’s a story for coaches to be aware of in the player safety department.

Catapult Sports and Prevent Biometrics announced a cooperative agreement to test their technologies together across North America, Europe and Australia. The partnership expands joint trials the companies conducted with the University of Colorado football team during spring practice this April.

Under the agreement, Catapult and Prevent will outfit designated elite level teams with Catapult’s flagship ClearSky and OpenField athlete wearable tracking technology and Prevent’s Impact Monitor Mouthguard, looking to evaluate athlete performance and head impact data in an integrated manner. Ultimately, the companies hope to provide teams with the clearest understanding of the total demands they are putting on athletes.

How do you monitor a player’s workload and injury risk?

3. Mississippi Attorney General Launches “Students Against Violence” App, (MS Achieves)

Coaches — We can’t recommend this app enough in you’re concerned about the mental health of a particular player.

The “Students Against Violence” app is a place where students who are struggling with thoughts of suicide or are in a home where there is domestic violence can turn to local and national resources to help them through such situations. The app includes categories for depression/anxiety, self-harm, suicide prevention, youth drug abuse, bullying, school violence, teen dating violence, domestic violence, underage drinking, and electronic cigarettes.

The app, which is available for free download on iPhone and Android phones, breaks out the situations listed above into separate sections, describes what a person may feel, think, or experience during that scenario, explains warning signs to identify in yourself or others, and lists resources for more help, such as the Mississippi Department of Education’s “Connections” Hotline for school violence reporting or the Mississippi Department of Mental Health’s Helpline. The phones numbers are directly linked so the user can call from within the app.

How do you show your players that you care about their mental well-being?

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