FNF Coaches Talk — Social distancing fans for HS football, 7-on-7 series, Louisiana coach starts #LetUsPlay campaign

FNF Coaches Talk

Hope you had a good weekend, Coaches. Here are today’s stories.

1. Alabama city offers safe and social distancing way to watch high school football game (ABC 33)

Here’s an idea if you’re trying to figure out how to keep fans engaged this fall if they can’t attend games.

The City of Oxford watched their high school football game with a creative set up.

They put up a 48-foot screen at Choccolocco Park soccer fields where there was enough room to practice social distancing.

Students like Salvador Vicente’ Lay said he was pumped the city made a safe way for people to watch the game.

“I like how they chose a big area to do this and how and obviously with social distancing is good, so nobody gets sick and just to have fun,” said Vicente’ Lay.

Student Andi Hurst said her group of friends have been planning this special outing for a while.

They grabbed food, lawn chairs and blankets in hopes for a win.

“We didn’t know if we wanted to go to the game or if wanted to watch it somewhere else but then we found out about this, we thought this was the best choice,” said Hurst.

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How will your fans watch your games this fall?

2. Among options to emerge in lieu of postponed high school football is 7 on 7 series (NBC Washington)

Another interesting topic: Will a delayed football season make it less likely for your college commits to suit up as seniors?

For those in the class of 2021 who have earned a scholarship and verbally committed to their school of choice, the prospect of starting their senior season in February is disconcerting. Injury is a built-in concern when playing football, and whether that injury is significant or lingering, a student athlete who decides to play runs the risk of being less than 100 percent when they report to their respective college or university. A risk one high-level coach, speaking on condition of anonymity, says he would not advise taking.

“If I had a son who had a scholarship offer, there’s no way I’d let him play this year [2021],” the coach said. “Football is a physical sport and the body needs down time. That scholarship is worth tens of thousands of dollars. This is a business decision.”

The Washington Metro 7v7 Series is one of the first options to emerge. The WM7 will offer a five-week season and plans to provide exposure for student athletes by live streaming games and creating video highlight cut-ups student athletes can digitally present to college coaches.

Despite their intentions, the Washington Metro 7v7 Series is aware that attempting to hold any athletic event during the pandemic is subject to being shut down by individual counties. In a statement, WM7 spoke to this reality by stating:

“We are taking every safety precaution and abiding by every protocol that each county and state requires. From daily waivers and surveys before entering the facility/grounds, temperature readings for every individual entering the facility/grounds, to masks will be worn at ALL times by players and coaches. We will have sanitizing stations, spraying and wiping down of field and equipment before and after every use. There will be social distancing guideline requirements by players, coaches, staff, and parents and finally, we will abide by the state/county mandated number of people at each location.”

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Would you consider encouraging your players to play 7-on-7 this fall if your season is postponed until the spring?

3. Louisiana coach pushes Governor to #LetUsPlay in Tweet that earned national coverage (Jess Curtis)

We’ve heard the expression “speak it into existence” but how about “tweet it into existence”? This Lousiana coach of Many High School, Jess Curtis, tweeted at the Louisiana Governor and made some good points about bringing back football.

And if the original Tweet didn’t get his attention, perhaps the 200 retweets, 300 likes and subsequent media coverage did!

What is your case for bringing back football this fall?

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