FNF Coaches Talk — Slot Receiver Drills, Joe Moorhead Talks Hydration Strategy

Welcome back, Coaches. We hope you enjoyed the weekend. Here are a couple of stories for you today.

1. CoachTube Video: Slot Receiver Training: Techniques and Skills (1:08)

Coach Eric Van Tassel is considered one the most complete receiver coaches in the country. During his professional playing career Van Tassel had workouts with the San Diego Chargers of the NFL, Toronto Argonauts of the CFL and was invited to the inaugural NFL Europe Combine.

This unique training video gives you professional coaching tips as you watch High School athletes perform various receiver drills like stemming, route running, and catching. We learn best by watching others, and this video is loaded with examples of both mistakes and great technique. You’ll learn to recognize the difference between a poor route and a great one, how to perform a double move, jab and rip, double hand slap, attack the football, high point the catch, abandon the route and make a play, fool the defender, catch low behind passes with a natural spin move, and tons more.

Here’s a free intro to the course from Coach Van Tassel.

What are some of your favorite drills for wide receivers?

2. Mississippi State coach Joe Moorhead shares strategy on water breaks (Mississippi State Athletics)

We did a monthly College Q&A with Mississippi State coach Joe Moorhead last year, and we’ve been following his career closely ever since. Moorhead shared some information that may be valuable to high school coaches after a practice last week — how to make sure players are staying hydrated while practicing at game speed.

“We’ve really made a conscious effort to make sure that we take two-five minute water breaks throughout the course of practice. We separate team periods with install and review periods and walk throughs to make it as close to a simulation of a game as possible.”
“We do individual stuff, then we do special teams. Then we water them down, then we have a team period, a 7-on-7, and then an install and review, and then another water.”

How do you make sure your players are getting enough water when you’re trying to push the pace of practice?

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