FNF Coaches Talk — Sharing home office pics, using Google Classroom, rival schools compete on Twitter

FNF Coaches Talk

Happy Friday, Coach! We hope you have a good weekend. Here’s three stories for you.

1. Coaches share photos of their home office set-ups (FNF Coaches Twitter)

After working from home for the last eight weeks, we’re all getting acclimated to the new working environment. Many of us have gone online to make purchases to better equip our home offices. Multiple monitors, speakers, microphones, video cameras, white boards and projectors are just some of the purchases coaches have made during this time.

With that in mind, we called on coaches to share photos of their home offices.

We got some great responses!

What is the best purchase you’ve made for your home office in the last eight weeks?

2. How a coach should use Google Classroom (Tech Your Game)

We’ve been hearing from more and more coaches saying they’re using Google Classroom to connect with players and watch film as a team.

Any player can set up a Google account, and you do not need to be a teacher to use Google Classroom. Anyone has access to the platform.

Here’s a YouTube video for how to set it up.

Which platforms are you using to connect with your players?

3. Rival schools competing in workout challenges on Twitter (WFXR Virginia)

Here’s a great idea to keep your athletes in shape by calling on their competitive spirit.

For the last four weeks, Byrd High (Va.) has been locked in a head-to-head challenge with Millbrook High School in Winchester, Va. Lutz and Pioneers head coach Josh Haymore have been longtime friends from their time working together at Broadway High School.

But now that friendship has turned into a quarantine rivalry.

“It just gives them a chance to do something to prepare mentally. That toughness, that accountability to the team. And it gives them an outlet during this time,” Lutz said. “They’re inside all day. They’re having an opportunity to work on their school work but it gives them an outlet too as athletes. They want to have some competitive nature in their day and that gives them an outlet.”

What started as a one-minute pushup challenge became a 60 second plank push-up battle. In their latest challenge, both teams are tasked to do as many burpees as possible in 46 seconds, with the specific time limit taking on special meaning for both programs.

What have you done to bring out your players’ competitive spirit?

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