FNF Coaches Talk — Select 7-on-7, Summer Reading, 8 In-Season Fundraising Ideas

FNF Coaches Talk

Happy Thursday, Coaches. Here’s a roundup of the day’s best stories.

1. Select 7-on-7 football angers high school coaches and piques NCAA concern – a look inside the ethical feud and push for recruiting control (SportsDay HS)

Here’s a good one for coaches who are debating the benefits of 7-on-7. The price tag certainly isn’t a benefit, but players often cite the competition and travel as reasons to pay thousands of dollars to join the growing national phenomenon of select 7-on-7 while still playing for their high schools. Select 7-on-7 coaches emphasize the social media exposure and college recruiting connections they provide.

Those connections to college recruiters have concerned Texas high school football coaches, who feel the third-party initiative threatens their authority. And it’s piqued the NCAA’s interest about financial clarity, amateurism issues and potential for AAU-like corruption.

The two sides of coaching have developed an ongoing feud about the best way to direct athletes to college football. Proximity, trust and access compose the argument’s core.

The expansion reflects another grassroots idea — AAU basketball — but comparisons are tricky. AAU basketball — where the country’s best players participate in club-based tournament circuits crucial to college recruiting — is almost identical to college. Select 7-on-7 isn’t conventional football.

In 7-on-7, there’s no tackling, rushing, linemen or fourth downs. And no college coaches.

The NCAA has long sanctioned AAU events for travel reliability and to decrease NCAA violation probability. It hasn’t regulated select 7-on-7 because recruiters more often use fall football for evaluation.

How do you make sure college recruiters are going through you — the high school coach — rather than select team coaches?

2. 10 Football Books You Must Read (NFL.com)

Looking for some summer reading? Here’s a mix of motivational, historical and entertaining books.

If we’re recommending one, we’d choose: “A Thinking Man’s Guide to Pro Football, Paul Zimmerman, 1970 and 1984”

Known to Sports Illustrated’s readers as “Dr. Z,” Zimmerman was the first NFL writer to routinely incorporate game-film analysis into his articles. A former offensive lineman at Stanford and Columbia, Zimmerman went on to play minor league football in the early 1960s. After his writing career was cut short by a series of strokes in 2008, the Pro Football Writer’s Association instituted the Paul “Dr. Z” Zimmerman Award to recognize lifetime achievement for assistant coaches in the NFL.

What is the one book you’ve read that inspired you to become a better coach?

3. 8 Football Campaigns You Can Run Throughout The Season (Second Street Lab)

Here are some ideas to bring in revenue during the football season. We really like these two:

Trivia Quizzes
While watching a game of football, it never fails that at one point the conversation devolves into one-upping your friends in your trivia knowledge. Challenge your audience with a great football trivia quiz! Fans will be anxious to take the quiz themselves, and then share it to see how their friends hold up to the competition.

That one would reward the die-hard fans. Here’s one for the high school crowd who loves social media.

Fan Photo Contests
Fan Photo Contests are always very successful with football fans. With so many die-hards ready to prove their #1 fan status, it’s easy to get tons of people to participate and enter their favorite team photos. If your market is split amongst two or more rival teams, consider pitting the fans of one team against the fans of the other.

What is your best fundraiser during the football season?

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