FNF Coaches Talk — SC state champion starts practice before state gives green light, USA Football planning app, best spread games

FNF Coaches Talk

Welcome back, Coaches. We’ve got three big stories for you today.

1. A South Carolina state champion is under investigation for practicing during pandemic (GoUpstate.com)

I guess we’re all willing to push the competitive advantage to the edge of the rule book, but this one seems a bit out of bounds.

The South Carolina High School League is investigating a video that appears to show members of the Dutch Fork High School football team working out together in an apparent violation of a League mandate.

On Wednesday afternoon, SCHSL Commissioner Jerome Singleton said he had not yet personally seen the video, but that members of his staff had. Singleton said that the workout reflected in the video is being investigated by the League.

The tweet, since deleted, seems to run counter to a memo on the League’s website, dated April 30, which seems to expressly forbid such gatherings.

“Athletes and coaches are still encouraged to follow the guidelines for social distancing as well as the Executive order of the Governor,” the memo reads. “While many are eager to get back together and start working again, we cannot stress enough that coach(s) and/or athlete(s) must not meet in person or groups to conduct these training sessions. One on one activities and use of school facilities will not be permitted.”

A tweet from a Dutch Fork High School quarterback was posted on Wednesday morning, with a video that showed the quarterback and several receivers participating in passing drills in the Silver Foxes’ stadium. Dutch Fork, the four-time defending state 5A champions, is located in Irmo.


How are you preventing players on your team from gathering for workouts?

2. Get the USA Football Coach Planner App (USA Football)

Here’s an app for coaches worth checking out.

Our friends at USA Football created a coach planner app for organizing practices, communication with parents, etc.

USA Football’s Coach Planner comes equipped with a wide variety of age-appropriate resources from the Football Development Model (FDM).
This will help coaches find the right drills for your players, build and share practice plans and schedule team activities. Parents can use the app to get insight into drills and practice and keep their team calendar organized.

The USA Football Coach Planner app is not just for coaches. Parents that use the app will get a crystal clear look at practice and their child’s football journey.

USA Football has started to shift toward the youth level, but it seems like this app is applicable for coaches at any level. Give it look, and let us know what you think.


What app do you use to organize your team communication?

3. The 25 most important games in college football’s spread revolution (ESPN)

We’ve spent the last six weeks showcasing and sharing stories that can help coaches deal with the current stay-at-home situation. Is everyone ready to come up for air?

We certainly are, so we’re going to share a fun story about the evolution of the spread offense. We’re pretty excited because we’ve actually interviewed a few of the coaches who are prominently featured in this story, such as Hal Mumme and Gus Malzahn.

The impetus for the story is LSU’s adoption of, and success with, spread offense principles in 2019. This feature takes a look back at the 25 most important and definitive games from the spread revolution.


What game that you watched influenced your coaching style the most?

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