FNF Coaches Talk — Sandbag workouts, coaches volunteering at youth camps, hiring during a pandemic

Good afternoon, Coach. We hope you enjoyed the weekend. Here are three stories for you.

1. Sandbag workouts keep Pennsylvania team on schedule (Local CBS 21 News)

Here’s a unique idea that keeps players united and motivated during this pandemic.

The coaches and parents at Central Dauphin High (Pa.) got together to make sure every player has a sandbag to workout with.

Coach Glen McNamee admits it’s cave man stuff.

“That’s right, there’s something great about that too right? We have these fancy equipment, weight rooms nowadays. They’re kind of spoiled by all the nice stuff they have in the weight rooms. There’s something refreshing about going back to something as rudimentary as a sandbag,” McNamee said.

New workout videos on how to use the sandbags are posted daily, and to keep all kids accountable, the players send in videos of their workouts.

They also share with the coaches their daily schedules including when they did their schoolwork and any chores.

Coach McNamee says it’s about structure.

“The kids that have it right now are going to come out of this on the other end positioned for success, the kids that don’t have it unfortunately are going to be more behind,” McNamee said.


What resources are you providing your players to make sure they are using this time constructively?

2. Since start of pandemic, Washington coaches are volunteering at youth camp (The Columbian)

With more time on their hands and no classes to teach this spring, some coaches have found ways to utilize their time while still connecting with their community.

Adam Mathieson and Rory Rosenbach, head football coaches and athletic directors at Mountain View (Wash.) and Union high schools, are volunteering at Camp Evergreen.

Since March 24, the program at Crestline Elementary School has provided free childcare for area children ages 30 months to 12 years whose parents or guardians are first responders and health care professionals.

Mathieson and Rosenbach volunteer together twice a week, and Heritage athletic director Erik Gonzalez also is in a support role.

“They’re so well-staffed; everything is so mapped out and so organized,” Gonzalez said. “All the things they do are for the kids.
“With as stressful and anxiety-filled as these times are, it’s good to know people are cognizant of the fact that we’re in this together.”


What are you doing with the extra time you have this spring?

3. The hiring process has changed during the coronavirus outbreak (The Dallas Morning News)

This is a good story about how the hiring process for coaches has changed during the pandemic. For coaches, there are fewer hoops to jump through — like school board meetings or second and third interviews with hiring committees. In some instances, the district superintendent is given 100 percent authority to make the decision.

“Not as many coaches are looking to change jobs right now,” Frisco ISD athletic director David Kuykendall said.

Dallas ISD and Frisco ISD have a combined 32 high schools competing in UIL athletics, but they have combined for just 21 varsity head coaching openings since March 13. Each district has filled four jobs.

Ramsey is keeping all of the Fossil Ridge assistant coaches on his staff, at least for now. He doesn’t want to put anyone out of a job during these uncertain times.

“I told them I wanted them to have job security, and I want the kids to be in a comfortable situation. We’ll deal with that later on,” Ramsey said. “For the kids, for the coaches’ families, for everybody, sometimes there are more important things that need to take place.”

Ramsey’s interview process consisted of two Zoom meetings. He has never been inside the facilities at Fossil Ridge.

“To me, it’s more about the kids that are in that building than it is the actual building,” said Ramsey, who was hired at Fossil Ridge nearly two months after Tony Baccarini retired. “It’s nice to have good facilities, but it’s not a must. It’s all about the people that work inside those buildings. I got to know several of them, and I felt comfortable with that.”


How have you handled any personnel changes to your staff during the coronavirus outbreak?

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