FNF Coaches Talk — RPOs Done Right, FNF Coaches Spotify Playlist, Alabama DC on Preparation

Welcome back, Coaches. We hope you enjoy our Coaches Talk for Tuesday.

1. CoachTube Video: RPOs Done Right Intro (2:07)

Here’s a good intro to RPO plays from our friends at CoachTube.

This course gives a comprehensive explanation of pre-snap RPOs AND post-snap RPOs with double- AND triple-option reads. EK Slaughter breaks down how to get the RIGHT numbers as many coaches run these concepts vs. wrong fronts and coverages and by doing so do not give themselves a clear numbers advantage.

If you’re interested in purchasing the entire course, click here.

What types of schemes would you like to see us feature in video form?

2. FNF Coaches Twitter audience recommends Spotify playlist for pregame and workout music (FNF Coaches Twitter)

A couple of weeks ago, we asked coaches on Twitter for favorite pregame and workout songs. Based on their feedback,  we created a Spotify playlist.

Here are some of the best replies:

Here’s the complete playlist on Spotify. We hope you enjoy!

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3. Alabama defensive coordinator Pete Golding: ‘Whether I’m at Tusculum or Alabama, prep is going to be the same’ (Simone Eli)

Alabama defensive coordinator Pete Golding has some motivational words for all coaches heading into another season. Don’t worry about your title or the quality of your team. Give it everything you have in preparation just as if you were doing your dream job.

What is your approach to the amount of preparation you put in each week?

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