FNF Coaches Talk — QwikCut vs. HUDL, USA Football Return to Play, hilarious DB coach video


Good afternoon, Coaches! We’ll be back on Monday, so enjoy the long weekend. Happy Independence Day!

1. QwikCut Founder reveals a cheaper alternative to HUDL with unlimited storage space (FNF Coaches Podcast)

We know HUDL is king when it comes to game film, but our friend Todd DeNoyer with QwikCut makes his case for switching to his product for sharing and analyzing flim.

As we continue with the theme of Innovation and Technology, we sought out to find the best method of storing, sharing and analyzing game film. DeNoyer and his team began marketing to high school teams in August after building momentum over the last four years. Let us know what you think. We think he makes a pretty good case.

Have you considered shopping around to find a cheaper alternative to HUDL?

2. USA Football lays out a Return to Play plan (USA Football)

Our friends at USA Football just rolled out Return to Play guidelines for youth coaches across the country. We know our audience is high school coaches, but it makes sense to share this link with coaches in your youth league to establish a line of communication moving forward.

If you want to set up a feeder system for your youth program, it’s important to continue to be a resource for the league in the most confusing moments as well.

Check out USA Football’s Return to Play strategy.

What type of communication have you had with your youth league volunteer coaches?

3. Another hilarious coach video short for DB coaches everywhere (Coach Ola Adams)

Coaches are finding their place on the internet comedy scene over the last four months, and this is another example of that.

How have you become more proficient online over the last four months?

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