FNF Coaches Talk — Preventing the Zone Read, Life Skills Camps, Getting Sentimental About HS Football

Happy Friday, Coaches. We hope you enjoy these three stories before heading into the weekend.

1. CoachTube Video: Preventing the Zone Read (FNF Coaches)

We know more and more offenses are switching to the Zone Read, so we as coaches need to find ways to combat that. In a typical Zone Read, the QB will read the overhang to the RB. Here, the strength of the defense is set to the back, removing the “Read Side” overhang from the fit.

What is your preferred method for stopping the Zone Read?

2. South Carolina coach focuses on life, not game fundamentals in unique camp (WYFF 4)

Chapman High School (S.C.) head football coach Mark Hodge has developed a unique program to teach his players how to be leaders both on and off the field.

Hodge packaged a “Player Development Camp” in which members of the football team learn not only football basics, but life skills-such as proper meal etiquette, financial literacy and even how to properly tie a necktie.

This is a TV segment so you’ll have to watch it on the WYFF 4 website.

What character-building exercises will you lead for your players during the preseason?

3. High school football worth 1,000 words (Waco Tribune)

Here’s a column by Chad Conine of the Waco Tribune that we think you’ll enjoy on the precipice of the start of another football season.

Conine recently took a 10-year hiatus from the newspaper to write books and do freelance work. He returned, in part, due to his love for high school football.

That’s not hyperbole or a kiss-up, it’s something I’ve been telling people for a couple years. Because, after multiple weekends of covering a high school game on Friday nights, a college game on Saturday and an NFL game on Sunday, it became obvious to me that the high school game was the most fun.

Conine also appreciates the lack of media saturation and revenue that can taint the game at higher levels.

But you know what high school football doesn’t have? TV timeouts, under-review stoppages (until the state championship games, at least), agents, ESPN talking heads, money-driven conference realignment, halftime shows by some terrible pop country singer I have never or would never listen to on purpose, $15 soda, 11 a.m. kickoffs, and about a hundred other annoying things I’ll remember the first time I go to a college game this fall.
But mostly, high school football isn’t media-saturated. Most games aren’t on TV and that makes them special. You have to be there to experience it.

What is your favorite part of the tradition of high school football?

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