FNF Coaches Talk — Players puking upon return to practice, Twitter challenge for coaches, Gronk’s generous move

FNF Coaches Talk

Good afternoon, Coach! Here’s a few stories for you.

1. ‘People were puking everywhere’: Day 1 of practice post-pandemic in Michigan (Livingston Daily)

In fairness to these Michigan coaches, the majority of the story is about how the return of football has brought a sense of family to the local players.

Still, this isn’t a great quote from the opening day of practice!

“People were puking everywhere,” Howell senior football player Jarrett Hughes said.

Teams could begin offseason training outdoors beginning Monday under a loosening of restrictions announced one week earlier by Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

At Howell, coaches wore masks while putting groups of players through workouts at various stations on the grass practice field. A coach who was conducting workouts with stretch bands carried a container of disinfecting wipes to sanitize the equipment between uses.

When each team ended its workout, players chanted in unison, but from a distance. The return of group huddles will have to wait.

Before they could even practice, players had to fill out an online checklist or personal health screening.

“We’re doing everything to keep kids safe,” Lewis said. “We’re trying to keep great space, we’re trying to wear our mask and those things that allow our kids to stay healthy, because that’s the biggest thing throughout he whole get-back process is we’ve got to stay safe and healthy.
“This is the first step. Then you would think things would continue to progress in a positive way. Anything could happen; I think that’s been proven.”


How will you ease your players back into action to ensure they don’t get sick or hurt on the first day?

2. Coaches share team celebration photos after returning to practice (Kenny Simpson)

Our friend, Southside High (Ark.) head coach Kenny Simpson started a Twitter challenge for coaches after his team returned to practice on Monday. And it was well received!

Click on Coach Simpson’s post to see how coaches responded — a lot of great celebration photos.

What are you doing to celebrate your team’s return to practice?

3. Bucs, Rob Gronkowski to replace football equipment lost in fire at Tampa high school (ESPN)

If you ask anyone in the New England Patriots organization which player over the last decade made the most unreported appearances at local hospitals or charity events, Rob Gronkowski would be a unanimous choice. While he’s a goofy guy in his media appearances, he had a great heart and is active in helping his local community.

Gronkowski got word of a fire that broke out at Blake High School in Tampa on May 16. The fire destroyed an athletics storage shed filled with nearly all of the school’s football equipment. It included pads, field markers, pylons, tackling dummies and other game-day equipment — worth approximately $11,000, according to Tampa Fire Rescue — devastating the program.

Gronkowski and the Buccaneers Foundation both reached out to the school to see how they could help.


What type of relationship do you have with your local NFL team?

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