FNF Coaches Talk — Parents pushing to reschedule season for fall, viral campaigns, how to social distance a pep rally

FNF Coaches Talk

Welcome back, Coaches. We’ve got three important stories for you.

1. A group of Delaware parents is pushing the state association to change course and conduct a fall season (Delaware Online)

High school football in Delaware has been postponed until March, and a group of parents are making a push to reverse that decision.

We see more and more states splitting so that different counties are playing football during different seasons. Obviously, this places less emphasis on the state championship bid and more on giving players more chances to compete and showcase their skills for the next level.

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What is the priority for your team this fall — playing the maximum number of games or winning a state championship?

2. A Texas school is planning a pep rally. Here’s how it will work (Winters Athletic Department)

Are you considering having a pep rally this fall? If you’re thinking it will be too much trouble to plan, here’s the blueprint.


What can you do to engage the fans before games this fall?

3. A “Let Them Play” campaign has started in Michigan (Lansing State Journal)

A Michigan football mother, Jayne McElvany, started a Facebook group that has gone viral in support of keeping high school football in the fall season.

The Facebook group of nearly 17,000 has led to a #LetThemPlay movement to save more than football this fall. And a rally slated to take place at the Michigan Capitol from 4-7 p.m. Friday is what McElvany said is the group’s “Hail Mary” to have their voices heard and get all high school athletes in the state back on fields and in gyms and pools.

“Now we just feel it’s time,” said McElvany, whose youngest son is a junior and the starting quarterback for the Milan football team. “We cared for our children’s physical health by locking down and doing everything we were told. Now we have to move forward by taking care of our kids’ mental health.
“We have to get them moving again. We have to get them in activities again. At some point, we have to move forward and we’re ready to do it now. We’re not ready to wait until spring.”

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What steps can you take to ensure that your kids get a chance to have a season?

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