FNF Coaches Talk — Parents are ready for sports to resume, 5 best at-home workout plans, Remember the Titans speech

FNF Coaches Talk

Welcome back, Coaches. We’ve got some stories for you today.

1. Survey: Parents feel much more comfortable allowing kids to play in the fall (Mail Tribune)

We’ve been seeing more surveys like this — ones in which parents are largely in favor of seeing their kids return to competitive sports this summer or in the fall.

Parents are overwhelmingly likely to allow their children to travel and compete in sports in the fall, as opposed to this month, when their confidence in safety during the coronavirus pandemic appears to be much lower.

Those were the results of a survey by Huddle Up Group, a sports tourism consultancy based in Phoenix, Arizona. It collected nearly 2,700 responses over about two weeks, ending May 17, and the results shed a hopeful, positive light on the prospects for youth sports, according to some local organizers.

The survey, dubbed “Return to Play,” asked five questions centered on those premises. Key findings included:

  • 77.8% of respondents said they would be willing to allow their kids back into travel sports in September and beyond, compared to 48.5% in May.
  • 82% of parents said they would only allow their kids to participate within a three-hour drive of home today, with that number gradually decreasing to 48.5% in September (meaning as time goes, the radius of competition will get wider).
  • Parents were nearly five times more likely to allow their kids to fly for competitions in September (22.2%) than they are today (4.8%).
  • Parents anticipate that they will travel with 2.5 family members per athlete when competitions commence.
  • Nearly half of all respondents (48.7%) said today’s market challenges will not impact their sports travel budgets.


What are you hearing from parents about returning to play in the fall?

2. The 5 Best At-Home Workout Plans (Fitness Volt)

A lot of teams are still doing the train-at-home thing, and we all know many of players are lacking gym equipment. The good news for these workouts is that you need nothing more than your body weight, some dumbbells and resistance bands.

Don’t let your athletes not having access to a well-equipped gym as an excuse for gaining weight or being unfit or weak. The reality is their bodies cannot differentiate between a $20,000 leg press machine and doing squats wearing a ratty old backpack loaded with heavy books. Providing your players work out hard and often enough, they can get and stay in great shape in the confines of their homes.

This is a thorough article that includes videos, photos and specific workouts. Check out the entire story.

What has been the best way for you to get your athletes workouts?

3. Remember the Titans speech is appropriate for current situation (CoachTube)

We’ve seen a lot of posts over the last week about the racial unrest in the country after the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer.

This scene posted by our friends at CoachTube is a good watch to gain some much needed perspective.

How do you think football brings together all races of people?

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