FNF Coaches Talk — Ohio will play fall football, Double Wing Offense, early enrollment fallout

FNF Coaches Talk

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1. Ohio Governor: High school football will be allowed in the fall (WTOV FOX 9)

Good news for Ohio high school football fans. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine on Tuesday confirmed that contact and non-contact sports will be allowed in the fall.

He says this decision comes after hearing from doctors, local coaches, parents and athletes. However, there will be no fans in the seats for high school football games.

“It’s also important, I believe, that the young person has someone there, if possible, to support them. Many times it’s family members, sometimes it may be someone else who is very close to them. When our order comes out what you will see is, we will not have spectators other than family members very close to that child,” DeWine said.

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DeWine says this decision comes knowing that there is a risk to bringing sports back, but he says sports provides a number of things for students like discipline, order, structure and joy.

DeWine also says that this decision is ultimately up to the schools, even if they are having remote learning or hybrid-style schooling.

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What is your preferred plan for a high school football season? Would you like to see it postponed to a later season?

2. South Carolina coach shares the origins of the Double Wing Offense (Spartansburg Herald-Journal)

We love stories like this — with coaches landing on new innovative offenses as a means of ending a a long losing stretch in program history.

Jet Turner was hired as the head coach of Ware Shoals (S.C.) in 1999, and he needed some offensive answers. The Hornets had held the dubious distinction of having the state’s longest losing streak when he got the job. Offensively, the Pro-I and what Turner called a mixed bag of other approaches weren’t working. So, he started looking for answers.

“I got on the internet and started looking,” Turner, now in his first year as head coach at Blacksburg, said. “I didn’t even care about gaining yards. I just wanted to not lose yards.”

What he found changed his coaching career.

“I stumbled across the double wing and started researching it, and I decided that’s what we needed to do,” he said. “That’s how it was born.”

The formation is simple at first glance, with linemen stationed foot-to-foot, a pair of tight ends, a fullback (called a B back), quarterback, and two wingbacks. The options are anything but.

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3. Alabama coach Nick Saban thinks opt-outs would turn spring football into JV (ESPN)

We know this is a college story, but it makes us think of a topic that has come up with high school coaches over the last few weeks.

If the season is pushed to the spring, what does that mean for your best players? At the high school level, the top commits often head off to college for the second semester of their senior seasons for early enrollment. Saban’s point is that coaches will also lose their best players at the college level.

“I think one of the real consequences of this is, if you’re a junior or a senior and you have an NFL grade, are you going to play in the spring?” Saban said. “Or is that going to become sort of a JV season with a lot of these juniors and seniors opting out?”

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