FNF Coaches Talk — Oct. 19

FNF Coaches Talk

Welcome back, Coach. We hope your game plan is coming together in an efficient manner. On that note …

Here is the most important piece of information we can give you today. In turn, this is the most important piece of information you can give your players.

If you’re feeling a little achy at the start of the week, just remember: Age ain’t nothin’ but a number.

Podcast alert: We’re going to have Coach Peters on the podcast this week. Check out all of our podcasts with coaches here.

The recruiting game has changed, and our friend, Jacksonville State recruiting coordinator J.R. Sandlin, is dropping knowledge with the hashtag #Recruiting101.

Here’s Carolina Panthers coach Matt Ruhle providing some motivation for all coaches.

Another podcast alert: We’re going to be posting a pod with Coach Dan Casey in the next 24 hours. Stay tuned!

Coach Kurt Hines consistently posts inspiring messages, and he did it again today.


Don’t settle for mediocrity!

Here’s a training drill to consider.


Let us know your thoughts on this video, and don’t hold anything back (we see you, Joel Klatt). ICYMI: Joel Klatt was recently on our FNF Coaches podcast.

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