FNF Coaches Talk — NY, LA, DE shifting schedules, FNF Coaches VIP Store, shifting seasons (again)


It’s Thursday, Coach! One day (hopefully) before your team takes the field. We’ve got three big stories for  you.

1. New York, Louisiana, Delaware update their return date plans (FNF Coaches)

We’ve been tracking the state-by-state breakdown of when teams will return to play, and it seems this Friday may be the deadline for reinstating a fall season.

We’ve got three updates for you here.

What is the primary factor in your state’s decision of whether to play football this fall?

2. FNF COACHES VIP STORE | Exclusive Store Front for Serious High School Football Coaches (FNF Coaches)

The VIP Store provides coaches with the opportunity to secure football-related training products at special prices. The quantities of these products are limited and are only available while posted.

Payments are made to FNF Coaches by check or credit card and the product is shipped to the buyer directly from the company in order to maintain warranties.

Questions? Contact us a fnf@ae-engine.com


What products would you like to see in the VIP Store moving forward?

3. Return of fall football leads to tough decision for several high school athletes (FOX 17 Michigan)

Here’s a story we didn’t think about. What happens for high school athletes who heard football season was pushed to the spring and joined other sports teams — only to have football reinstated? Well, now you have a choice to make after practicing with another team for a couple of weeks.

“To get a surprise call on Thursday at 3:30 saying, ‘hey, football is back on,’ there’s a lot to be done,” said Hopkins head football coach, Cody Francis, who is now in his tenth season.

Francis is still assembling his football team, just over a week away from their first game.

“I encourage a lot of kids to go be competitors,” Francis said, “and go play other sports like cross country and soccer. Now, we’re having those conversations with them to figure out if they want to come back, or stay, or do both.”

Check out the story on Michigan football players choosing to play other sports.

What would you say to an athlete who decided to play another sport this fall in the last few weeks?

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