FNF Coaches Talk — Minnesota back to fall football, late-game decision-making, fans in tree stands

FNF Coaches Talk

Welcome back, Coach. Hope you had a good weekend. We’ve got three new stories for you.

1. Minnesota the latest state to reverse course back to fall football (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Minnesota high school football is back on for the fall. The state high school association followed Michigan’s lead and reversed its decision to postpone the season until the spring.

In two votes Monday, the Minnesota State High School League board of directors reversed its Aug. 4 decision to delay both sports until spring because of COVID-19 concerns.

In a virtual board meeting that had more than 400 people listening in, the league voted 15-3 to restart the football season after voting 14-4 to approve fall volleyball.

A football season of six games was approved, with practice starting Monday, along with a postseason whose format will be determined by Oct. 1. First games would be Oct. 9. The season would end Nov. 28 — the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

A tweet from a high school league official during the Monday meeting said the survey drew responses from 394 schools, with 80% wanting fall football.

Of 1,769 COVID-19 cases associated with sports activities in Minnesota since June 1, about 38% were minors under age 18, according to Minnesota Department of Health statistics. As of last week, there were no hospitalizations or deaths involving children. The cases skew toward males and metro area residents.

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2. Parker Resources offers up the blueprint for late-game decision-making (Parker Resources)

When things are moving 100 mph on Friday night, it’s difficult to simplify the decision-making process. We’ve all been there. We outsmart ourselves in a key situation and when we go back and watch the film, we wonder how it happened.

Here’s a cheat sheet to carry on Friday nights to simplify the decision-making process.

What resources do you use to help with your decision-making in late-game situations?

3. West Virginia high school alumni use tree stand to watch alma mater’s games (WV Metro News)

Tickets to high school football games in West Virginia are hard to come by this fall. Due to state COVID protocols, only immediate family members are able to attend games as of now.

Of course, that rule only applies inside the actual stadiums. Former Richwood High School football players Ethan Spencer and Bailey Alderman found another way to watch their Lumberjacks in action Friday night in their home game against Sherman.

“We put the tree stand together before we even found the tree. So we had to go find a tree afterwards,” Spencer said.
“We thought it was going to be easy. But the tree we put it in wasn’t the best tree to do it. It was basically the only choice we had. We made it work.”

The photo, circulating heavily on social media throughout West Virginia, shows Spencer and Alderman perched just outside the stadium fence in a tree very close to the field.

“It was the best seat in the house. I wish we had done it earlier.”

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What is the most creative way you’ve seen a fan engage with the team during the pandemic?

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