FNF Coaches Talk — Maryland back with fall football, podcast with PassLab, GoGo offense

FNF Coaches Talk

Welcome back, Coach. We’ve got three stories for you.

1. Maryland reverses course, reinstates fall football (Capital Gazette)

Another state is back on the fall football bandwagon.

Maryland high school sports may return as soon as Oct. 7 with competitions allowed to begin Oct. 27, Maryland State Superintendent of Schools Karen Salmon said in a news conference Thursday, reversing a decision earlier this month to play all sports in the spring.

“High school sports and competition are deeply rooted in the fabric of our schools and communities,” Salmon said. “The steps taken today are directly related to the needs of our students to be active and engaged for their physical, social and emotional well being.”

Under the new plan, the fall sports season would have seven weeks available for competition with practices starting Oct. 7, competitions Oct. 27-Dec. 12 and a “culminating event/tournament” taking place Dec. 14-19.

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What’s impacting the decision-making when state officials decide to reinstate fall football? What changed?

2. FNF Coaches Podcast – FOX Sports Broadcaster Joel Klatt and PassLab Founder Dave Churchman (FNF Coaches Podcast)

This podcasts features two guests who have a long history in the game. Dave Churchman is the founder of PassLab, a company that produces headset technology that will train a quarterback’s eyes to look off defenders. The second guest is a former quarterback and current FOX Sports broadcaster who has endorsed the PassLab headset. Joel Klatt set 44 school records as the University of Colorado starting quarterback from 2003 to 2005.

What tools do you have in place to train a quarterback’s eyes?

3. You should know Brennan Marion and his unique GoGo offense. The smartest coaches in football already do. (For the Win)

The architect of the GoGo offense remains fairly unknown: Brennan Brennan is in his first year as the wide receiver coach at Hawaii, which won’t play football this season due to the coronavirus pandemic. But there’s growing belief that offense he full unveiled three years ago is the next significant iteration in ever-more complex offensive schemes meant to take advantage of versatile QBs.

That uniqueness became apparent on Howard’s first offensive snap of the game against UNLV. The Bison came out in a shotgun formation. That was the only normal thing about it. Two running backs lined up to the left of quarterback Caylin Newton. The formation was unbalanced with no eligible receiver aligned to the right side of the offensive line. Even the line splits were wonky. The left side was tightly aligned while the right side was a little more spread out.

“Nobody else runs what we run, so when you’re going against a team, you’re trying to figure out how they’re going to play you,” Marion told me. “And the majority of their answers are, ‘Stop the run first.’ With what we do, the defense will always have to sell out to stop the run. I always know a team is going to do that. And if they don’t…”

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What is the most innovative scheme you’ve seen this season?

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