FNF Coaches Talk — Best HS Coach Talks Team Building, Izzo’s Anger, March Madness College HC Edition

FNF Coaches Talk

Happy Friday, Coaches. Here’s what we’ve got for you today.

1. High school coach with longest winning streak of all-time (151 games) talks team building (Sports Feel Good Stories)

De La Salle High (Calif.) head coach Bob Ladouceur took part in 399 wins during his time as head coach from 1979 to 2013. From 1992 to 2004, he guided the team to 12 consecutive undefeated seasons, setting a national record for high school football with 151 consecutive wins.

Ladouceur was enshrined to the National High School Hall of Fame in 2001 for all of his success. He also authored the book, Chasing Perfection: The Principles Behind Winning Football the De La Salle Way, with Neil Hayes (Triumph Books, 2015).

Here’s an excerpt from his book, Chasing Perfection, that might inspire you.

It’s more difficult to create a team today than it was 20 years ago because kids are pulled in so many different directions. They’re always wondering, What’s in it for me? If I put in the time, if I work real hard, will I become a star?
The first thing I tell kids and their parents is that I don’t care about any of that. Creating a team is much more difficult than teaching the game or a specific skill or technique. It’s teaching kids how to cooperate with other people. I like to call it being socially sane. Do you have the ability to respect other people and conduct yourself as if the world does not revolve around you and there are other people out there that matter?

We encourage you to read the entire excerpt if you’re struggling to encourage players to prioritize team over individual success.

Coaches — How do you motivate players to put the team needs in front of their own goals?

2. Are we OK with Tom Izzo pointing and yelling at Aaron Henry? (Chicago Tribune)

We’d like to know how you coaches feel about Tom Izzo’s interaction with freshman Aaron Henry in yesterday’s Michigan State NCAA Tournament game. Recruits who agree to play for Michigan State coach Tom Izzo understand the deal. He’ll get you to a Final Four, but it won’t be a comfortable experience with Izzo driving the car.

Coaches — How do you feel about this interaction between a player and coach?

3. We present to you the bracket for #FNFCoachesMadness College HC Edition (FNF Coaches Twitter)

Coaches, we present to you the bracket for #FNFCoachesMadness College HC Edition! It is a combination of coaches chosen by our staff and nominated by you. There’s no seeding, just focused on matchups. We’re excited to see who wins! Vote for round 1 below 👇

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