FNF Coaches Talk — Manny Diaz’s First Meeting, How to Watch Game Film, Screen Time Coaches

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1. Watch Miami First-Year Coach Manny Diaz Lead His First Meeting with Players (Canes All-Access)

Many of you are preparing to lead your first meeting with players for the fall season, and some of you already have. If you’re looking for some talking points, check out first-year Miami Hurricanes coach Manny Diaz. Obviously, he worked with players in spring practice, but this is his first meting of the season.

What is your biggest point of emphasis in your first meeting of the year?

2. How to Watch Game Film (YouTube)

Looking to become more efficient breaking down game film? Here’s a nice breakdown from the Battle Red Blog, which focuses on the Houston Texans.

What is your process for breaking down game film? Where do you start?

3. Now Some Families Are Hiring Coaches to Help Them Raise Phone-Free Children (New York Times)

Tired of seeing your players staring down at their phones at team dinners and bus trips? Screen consultants are here to help you remember life before smartphones and tablets.

Parents around the country, alarmed by the steady patter of studies around screen time, are trying to turn back time to the era before smartphones. But it’s not easy to remember what exactly things were like before smartphones. So they’re hiring professionals.

A new screen-free parenting coach economy has sprung up to serve the demand. Screen consultants come into homes, schools, churches and synagogues to remind parents how people parented before.

How do you feel about the fact that today’s high school students are spending more and more time on their devices? Can you find ways to work with this trend?

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