FNF Coaches Talk — Louisville’s New Scheme, Dehydration a Factor in FSU’s Loss, Coach Benches More Than Players

Happy Friday, Coaches. Here are some stories to read before you take the field tonight.

1. A Gif-tastic view at Louisville Football’s new schemes (Card Chronicle)

We all love to dive into new schemes to see what we can borrow for our own offenses. Louisville football is under new leadership and fans are due to see a much different scheme than we’ve seen recently on both sides of the ball.

Here are some Gifs to demonstrate the new scheme.

Zone Blocking

Option Runs

Play Action Passes

Check out the story for more examples.

What similarities does the new Louisville scheme have to your offensive system?

2. Taggart: Dehydration possible factor in FSU loss (ESPN)

Here’s something to think about as we prepare for our games in warm weather. After watching Florida State wear down in Saturday’s season-opening loss to Boise State, coach Willie Taggart is examining whether his players were properly hydrated.

Florida State led 31-13 late in the third quarter before Boise State scored the game’s final 23 points to win 36-31. Because of Hurricane Dorian, the game had been moved from an evening kickoff in Jacksonville to an early-afternoon kickoff at Florida State’s Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee.

“They need to start hydrating early in the week and take care of their bodies,” Taggart said on his call-in show. “We can’t leave it up to our players just to do it. We’ve got to force them to hydrate and take care of themselves. I don’t know if we did a good job of that last weekend. One of those situations where you live and learn, and we’ll make sure that we help our guys when it comes to that.”

Boise State ran 106 plays in the game, 46 more than Florida State, which had possession for only 19:57.

Earlier Tuesday, Florida State offensive lineman Baveon Johnson questioned the team’s conditioning level, saying it “wasn’t our strong suit.” \

Johnson later said of the Boise State game, “No, we weren’t prepared. I wasn’t prepared, we all weren’t prepared.”

How do you monitor your players’ hydration levels throughout the week?

3. Coach Beats Players in Bench Press Rep Competition (Kurt B. White)

Many of us stay in shape, but this is certainly on the extreme end of the spectrum. Westside ISD (Texas) football coach Jomaul Mason accepted a challenge from his players and appears to have benched 315 pounds 10 times.


Needless to say, his players are pretty fired up about it!

Why do you think players get so excited to see their coaches complete physical feats?