FNF Coaches Talk — Let families decide when to return, postponements on fall seasons, teaching tackling

FNF Coaches Talk

Good afternoon, Coach. We’ve got a few stories for you.

1. High school football coach starts Let Families Decide campaign (KUSI News)

Some students and parents are advocating for a reopening not just for the academics, but for the lessons they learn from playing sports.

Marlon Gardinera, founder of LetFamiliesDecide.org and head football coach at Scripps Ranch, joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss his campaign.

Gardinera said, “My thought was simple. If I get to decide whether or not my sons go back to school, why don’t I get a say in whether or not they play high school sports when they get there?”

Check out the story.

How would you feel about putting the decision to return in the parents’ hands?

2. The onslaught of states deciding to postpone football season appears to be in motion (MissHSAA)

Prepare for a barrage of these stories in the coming weeks.

The MHSAA Executive Committee voted Tuesday to delay the Fall sports calendar two weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Practice for cross country, swimming and volleyball can begin August 10 with competition among schools permitted starting August 24.

Practice for football can begin August 17. Scrimmages between schools are allowed beginning August 28th with games starting September 4th. The football playoff and championship dates are unchanged. Games scheduled for the first two weeks of the season will not be made up.

“The board felt these changes will give all of us more time to try to get back into the routine of school,” MHSAA Executive Committee President Kalvin Robinson said. “There are going to be many challenges — ones we’re anticipating and those we don’t even know about yet — in returning to on-campus learning. It’s going to be different than what we’ve experienced in the past. Hopefully pushing back the start of the Fall sports seasons will help make that transition a little smoother for everyone involved.”

Of course, not all states are doing this. Missouri remains on schedule.

How would you feel about delaying the fall season? How much time would you need to practice before the first game?

3. Roger Wilson tackling the problem of bad technique in Texas high school football (The Irish Times)

Former Ulster and Ireland player Roger Wilson has called Texas home for the last two years and has settled into life easily with his wife and two young children.

Wilson has regularly sat in his local high school stadium in Dallas.

“I initially got a job as a strength and conditioning coach with the Michael Johnson Performance Center, and through my work there, I was able to meet NFL players and talk to them about the tackle in rugby. They thought we were crazy for playing rugby with no pads, but there was definitely great respect there.
“I’d then watch the young kids playing high school football leading with their heads in the tackle and was shocked by what I was seeing. After talking to a lot of parents who wanted a better and safer technique, I thought surely there’s something I can do, and that led to the work I am doing now.”

After 15 years as a professional rugby player with Ulster and Northampton, with a single cap for Ireland in 2005, Wilson set up a business ‘Tackle Smart’ to teach high school American Football players how to use rugby tackling technique.

Check out the story.

What style of tackling do you teach your players to ensure safety?

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