FNF Coaches Talk — Kyle Shanahan’s Counters, A Pregame Entrance Gone Wrong, Shortage of Officials

Good afternoon, Coaches. We’ve got some videos and a story on a negative trend in the high school game.

1. Kyle Shanahan’s Counter Plays All Look the Same … Until They Don’t (Twitter)

We all try to disguise our plays by running different calls out of similar formations. San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan is as good at anyone at this, and here’s a great example.

What base formation gives your team the most options for plays?

2. Hilarious Clip: Youth League Team Struggles with Pregame Entrance (Twitter)

We all like a good pregame entrance because it gets the players fired up and sets the tone for the game. We couldn’t stop laughing at this coach’s reaction to a failed pregame entrance.

When do you typically get a sense of whether your team will play well that night?

3. Shortage of football officials putting schools in a bind (Blount County Daily Times)

Coaches — Here’s one we’re dealing with all over the country this season.

There is a shortage of football officials, and it’s not a problem isolated to Knoxville or Tennessee or even to football. Lack of retention and youth in officiating is putting schools across the country in a bind.

Blount County football, on the other hand, is a bit of an outlier. Steve Hodson, assigning officer with the Blount County Football Officials Association, said the county’s top-notch programs are partly to credit for that discrepancy in a national trend.
“The quality of football we work in Blount County is the top of the state,” Hodson said. “There’s no question.”

Blount County’s officiating association has 45 referees that service six programs — Maryville, Alcoa, William Blount, Heritage, Greenback and Loudon. Three of those teams — Maryville, Alcoa and Greenback — won state championships two years ago and all three were back in the state semifinals last season with Alcoa bringing home another title.

Tennessee has 13 officiating regions. Hodson said BCFOA regularly lends its services to others such as North Central Tennessee, which is often forced to move games to Thursday nights because of the lack of officials. Blount County sent crews as far away as Jamestown, Smithville and Cookeville last season.

What are some of the solutions your state associations have introduced due to the shortage of officials?

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