FNF Coaches Talk — HS Team Skips Its Final Game to Clinch Playoff Berth, Dads Start Facebook Broadcast, Best Football Movies

Good afternoon, Coaches. Good luck in your games tonight. We’ve got three stories for the bus ride.

1. A Michigan Team Is Skipping Its Last Regular-Season Game to Finish .500 and Make the Playoffs (Detroit Free-Press)

I’m not sure what type of message it sends your team when you forfeit your last game to ensure you’ll finish .500, but it can’t be good for confidence heading into the playoffs.

According to a report from the Detroit Free Press, Chandler Park and Bloomfield Hills Cranbook Kingswood had a verbal agreement in place to play week 9 – the final week of the regular season. Chandler Park was set to play the fourth-place team from the Catholic League in Week 9, which ended up being Cranbrook.

However, according to Chandler Park coach and athletic director John Jergovich, the two never had a formal contract, so he has opted to not play the game.

“Never had one scheduled,” football coach and athletic director John Jergovich said. “Eight-game schedule this year.”
Earlier this week, the Michigan High School Athletic Association’s website had Chandler Park playing Friday at Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Kingswood, a member of the Detroit Catholic High School League.

This seems like another win-at-all costs situation, and the players are the ones who are getting punished. Playing games in front of fans on Friday nights is the fun part of high school football. It’s why the players invest so much time from early August until this time of year.

Is making the state playoffs worth a person’s integrity? What are the students at Chandler Park learning from all of this?
That someone’s word means absolutely nothing if it means being able to get in the state playoffs?
These are the lessons they are teaching at that school?
Unfortunately, in this case, the MHSAA is powerless to do anything because there is no written contract between the schools.

What is your philosophy behind rounding out your non-league schedule in terms of the strength of opponents?

2. How several dads started a Facebook broadcast and toy drive for Haltom football team (Dallas Fort Worth Varsity)

This is a fun Friday story about a group of dads in Texas who decided to start a Facebook live stream of high school football games.

One night three years ago while having a beer and watching the game in a garage, Jack Webb and Chris Hays brainstormed an idea to help the Haltom football team get more exposure — a live broadcast on Facebook.

“The team had just been placed in a district with Abilene and Weatherford, and head coach Jason Tucker decided to play Wichita Falls in a non-district game,” said Webb, who has two sons that played for Haltom. “With many of the Haltom fans unable to make the trips, we went live on Facebook during the games.”

Another father who is part of the broacast team started up a toy drive last season. He set up a toy collection at the biggest rivalry game of the season. With the help from a few friends, he received nearly 500 toys from both schools. Those toys went to the Community Enrichment Center, a charity in North Richland Hills that helps families in need.

The toys are given away during the holiday season.

“We wanted to help kids in need, those that don’t have anything at Christmas,” said Coon.. “We started to look for a charity and we wanted to stay in the district. We did some research and found the CEC, which does a great job with those families. It’s our way to give back to the community.”

What are some of the fun traditions that make your team’s Friday night experience unique?

3. The 10 Best Football Movies, Ranked (Complex)

We’ve been saving this for a Friday. If — by chance — you have an opportunity to watch a movie this weekend rather than game film, these are some interesting choices.

We can’t say we completely agree with the order of this list, but it seems that all of the top football movies are accounted for.

Our favorite choice? Rudy.

The one we probably wouldn’t have included in our top 10? The Replacements.

The one that should have made the list? Necessary Roughness.

What’s your favorite football movie?

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