FNF Coaches Talk — How to Plan to Be Successful, Art Briles in the Wrong Again, Football Coach to Esports Coach

FNF Coaches Talk

Welcome back, Coaches. Here’s our roundup of stories for you as you get over the hump this week.

1. How to Plan for Your Program to be Successful (CoachTube)

Here’s another great video for you from our friends at CoachTube.

TCU Football Coach, Gary Patterson presents “Today’s Problems & Solutions of The New Era Coaches” & “How to Plan for Your Program to be Successful” in this two-part lecture at THSCA’s 2018 Coaching School.

Purchase the entire course for $15 through the Texas High School Coaches Athletic Association.

2. Ex-Baylor coach Art Briles now in hot water at the high school level (The Dallas News)

Former Baylor coach Art Briles’ reputation preceded him for ominous and sinister reasons before he was hired at Mount Vernon High in Texas before this season.

When Mount Vernon hired Briles, it’s assumed that the administration trusted that they’d be getting Briles’ football acumen without his propensity to ignore illegal or unethical behavior from his players.

No such luck.

The UIL met Wednesday and told The Dallas Morning News that Mount Vernon won’t face the possibility of forfeiting games after two players were ruled ineligible Tuesday. The two players were ruled eligible at a previous DEC meeting, making the case an exception to the normal minimum penalty for playing ineligible players. The two players are still ruled ineligible, but can appeal to the UIL. The original story is posted below.

The players, Brock and Cameron Nellor, were ruled to have moved into the district for athletic purposes. Briles and Mount Vernon received a public reprimand, but no forfeitures were handed down by the committee, Mount Vernon ISD Superintendent Jason McCullough told The Dallas Morning News in a statement.

“It’s our understanding that the punishment handed down by the DEC today does not include the forfeiture of previous games,” McCullough said in a statement.

Why is Art Briles unable to stay on the right side of the rules?

3. An Indiana HS football coach has stepped in to coach undefeated esports team (WSBT 22)

Coaches — we wonder what you think of this new trend in high school sports.

Elkhart Central High (Ind.) assistant football coach Steve Robinson has taken over head coaching duties for the school’s esports team.

So far, Elkhart Central is undefeated on the season. Robinson got the idea from his college esports team, and decided to bring it to Central.

“A bunch of research, a bunch of talking to other universities like Robert Morris and Trine,” he said.

Funding for the computers and games came from an anonymous donor. Robinson says the esports program is a big step for Elkhart high schools.

“We’re not looking at technology as much as we should be. I think this is something that’s going to put us at the forefront of it. We won’t be behind Michigan and Illinois.”

How can esports help your football players develop skills that will help them on the field?

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