FNF Coaches Talk — How to build a social media audience, Sean Payton’s Twitter response, Pa. team helps deliver prescriptions

Welcome back, Coaches. We hope you got to spend some quality time with family this weekend.

1. How to build a social media audience during the stoppage in play (FNF Coaches)

We have to figure out new ways to make an impact with players and other coaches during the social distancing period. One way to do that is through social media.

Not comfortable on social media? Well, it’s time to get comfortable. We’re all working outside our comfort zone these days.

Chris Vasseur (right)

Chris Vasseur spent the last two seasons as the defensive coordinator for Clovis High School (Calif.). Before working at Clovis, Vasseur was the defensive coordinator for five seasons at Junipero Serra High School (Calif.). In 2017, the Padres won the 2AA CIF State Championship in California, picking up a league title, section title and regional title in the process.

Vass has built a robust following as host of the popular Make Defense Great Again podcast. Between his two Twitter accounts — @coachvass and @MDGAPodcast — Vass has almost 12,500 followers. He also has a website and Patreon account.

He shared the biggest benefit of having a robust network during this coronavirus outbreak.

I’m able to move at a much quicker pace. When I put together a defensive clinic, I have relationships with other coaches. I can send a DM at night and eight of the 10 will have responded by the morning. Having that reach, I’ve been able to talk to a lot of people.

Vass also believes that if you want to build a following, you have to provide a service to other coaches.

“If you want to build a following, the guys who are most successful are guys like Dan Casey (@CoachDanCasey). He explains concepts teams can use. It’s about having inside information and sharing playbook. If my goal was to boost my social media, I’d post a bunch of clips of defenses I know inside and out, and share it to be instructional.”


How are you using social media to communicate during this quarantine period?

2. Sean Payton tweets response to Illinois high school assistant coach’s call for all-purpose concepts out of empty (Sean Payton Twitter)

Like every football coach across the country, New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton is looking for an outlet to talk X’s and O’s. Particularly since he’s been quarantined for the last two weeks after testing positive for COVID-19.

Payton is clear of COVID-19 now, and over the weekend, he responded on Twitter to Maine East (Ill.) High School assistant coach Bobby Peters, who started a thread asking for his followers’ favorite concepts out of empty.

Payton shared some play calls and also provided explanations.

And here’s the best part of the exchange. @ChrisDunnells tells Payton that division rivals Todd Bowles, Raheem Morris and Eric Washington can see his post.

Here’s his response.

What is your favorite concept out of empty?

3. Pa. high school football players volunteer to help at local pharmacy (WNEP ABC 16)

DePietro’s Pharmacy in Dunmore, Pa., has been overwhelmed with patrons who are continuing to need medicine and other essentials during this period. Even though customers are not allowed inside, they’re picking up their prescriptions curbside.

The pharmacy is relaying on volunteers to deliver the prescriptions curbside. The volunteers are all current and former Dunmore High School football players.

“I sent a text message to coach (Kevin) McHale, and immediately I had at least 20 kids text me,” Tom DePietro, owner of DePietro’s Pharmacy, said. “We actually had to turn down some people just because of how many that wanted to help.”

The players are taking special precautions to ensure that they don’t contract or spread the virus.

“We obviously keep our distance from everyone,” 2019 graduate Billy Donvito, another volunteer, added. “The masks, the gloves. Wash our hands constantly.”
“They’ve actually embraced it because there’s a lot of customers that called and said ‘we need our prescriptions, but we don’t want to come in the store,'” DePietro said.


What can your team be doing to help out in your local community?

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