FNF Coaches Talk — How tech has changed football, fundraising hits, ‘Let Us Play’ rallies

FNF Coaches Talk

Good afternoon, Coaches. We’ve got three stories for you.

1. How Technology Has Changed The Football Experience (Canyon News)

Each year, we do a tech issue. In fact, here’s our digital edition from this past summer.

Even with all of the editions we’ve done, we’ve never heard of technology-assisted refereeing, which is mentioned here.

Technology-Assisted Refereeing
The introduction of VAR (video assistant referees) in football greatly improved the quality of the game. It is now unimaginable that it was acceptable for referees to award irregular penalties, direct cards, and even goals. The game is not less disappointing and more trusted by the fans of each playing side. VAR was the first necessary technology adopted that brought fairness to the game.

The other tech options mentioned include sideline replay, GPS wearables, social media, and streaming, all of which are featured in our summer edition.

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What new technology is working for your team this season?

2. Fundraising for sports takes hit during pandemic, concessions vital for teams (WRCB TV 3)

COVID-19 has impacted a lot of how football teams operate and make money. We’re all trying to come up with new ways to raise funds.

Red Bank High School (Tenn.) Quarterbacks Club member Andy Winters says fundraising is harder than ever.

“Back to our fundraising, we did our golf tournament and there were a couple of restaurants that have donated in the past, but they couldn’t because the pandemic has hurt them because they were closed for a while,” Winters said.

The pandemic has also impacted other forms of donations.

“Even like our pregame meals, you know. A lot can’t do it because they were closed and that throws it back on us and the money we have had to raise. You know, spending 500-600 dollars on pregame meals,” Winters said.

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How are you replacing your gate receipts and concessions revenue?

3. The ‘Let Us Play’ movement is sweeping the nation (The Star Courier)

We’ve seen this movement spread across many different states.

Rallies this Saturday in Springfield, Ill., and Chicago will petition Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker to ease coronavirus pandemic restrictions on high school sports activities in the state.

It’s not for football, said Sacred Heart-Griffin High School athletic director and football coach Ken Leonard. It’s for everyone,.

“With every state surrounding us doing it and doing it safely and proving that it’s safe, I think there’s a lot more damage being done to the kids mentally,” Leonard said. “You only go through high school once. This is for the kids. They talk about safety. This is all about the kids’ safety because we’re harming them by not allowing them to participate.”

A #LetUsPlay banner on social media asking people to call or email their local state representative Wednesday or Thursday leading up to the event.

But Leonard said the Let Us Play movement is not political.

“I think our honorable governor has done a fantastic job leading us and the state,” said Thomas. “The numbers speak for itself. He’s done an incredible job. Our numbers in the state of Illinois ranks up there with the best of the best and kudos to him. … We’re just asking the governor to trust us and trust the coaches that we’ll do our part. At the end of the day, our goal is to have these kids go home safe.”

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What measures would you take to convince your state’s politicians to play this fall?