FNF Coaches Talk — Hoover (AL) coach talks unity, peer motivation is key, Father’s Day tributes

FNF Coaches Talk

Happy belated Father’s Day, Coaches! Here’s a few stories from the weekend.

1. Hoover High (Ala.) coach Josh Niblett talks about being the change he wishes to see (WBRC Alabama)

This is a great message from a coach who has established a program that is a perennial state championship contender in Alabama. Josh Niblett addressed the issues of racial equality and police brutality earlier this month, and it certainly remains timely with the events at the NASCAR race in Talladega, Ala., this weekend.

Niblett says he urged his players to be the example for others in the community. He also speculates that if people don’t step forward and do the right thing, racism will continue to be a problem.

What are you doing to lead your players down a path of acceptance and respect for all people?

2. With no season promised, peer motivation is key (Star Tribune)

One thing to consider as we start to get back to the practice fields is we’re all doing it without having a guarantee of a fall season. We’re back out there because we miss the game and we miss our teammates. And that may have to be enough for the unforeseeable future.

Players in Minnesota were called back to practice last week without any promise that there would be a fall season.

Players obliged, some with arms crossed to take the edge off the morning chill. These young men and women, separated for much of the past three months, wore smiles and managed a few laughs as they waited for ‘‘Royal Power and Speed Training’’ to begin.

“As soon as they were able to get back out here, they were all in,” Hill said. “All these fall sports athletes are out here when there’s nothing promised. They are here in good faith that they will be able to play.”

Jake Raines, a center on the football team and a Star Tribune All Metro second-team pick last fall, said he recently started waking up to an alarm to ready his body for 7 a.m. workouts.

“It’s a way different atmosphere when you’re working with your teammates,” Raines said. “Lifting alone, it’s harder to get motivated.”


What’s the No. 1 motivating factor for your players as they return to the field?

3. School Superintendent sends tribute to Coach/Dad on Father’s Day (Dr. Mike Goddard)

Here’s a feel-good post from Father’s Day. If you ever wonder if you’re making an impact, talk to a former player who has made it big.

What was the most memorable Father’s Day message you received from a former player?

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