FNF Coaches Talk — Happy Friday, Coach

FNF Coaches Talk

We know the first week back from a holiday break is always a slog, so congratulations on getting yourself to the finish line. Here’s what we saw on Twitter today.

This is a really informative story from X and O Labs about creating a player-driven culture.

A lot has changed in the coaching world in 2020-21. Coach Matsumoto summarizes it nicely.

We missed this ESPN segment on College GameDay, but since it inspired us, we decided to share it with you.

Here’s some comedic relief.

Here’s another “things done changed” type of post with a look at recruiting.

Here’s a pretty sweet post about the narcotic of game day — in the words of Bill Parcells.

Don’t think it’s possible to make the jump from high school coordinator to college head coach? Think again.

Enjoy the weekend.

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