FNF Coaches Talk — Good Luck, Coach!

FNF Coaches Talk

Happy Friday, Coach. Some state championships will be decided tonight. If you’re lucky enough to be in one of those games in 2020, you’re lucky enough.

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Take a look at this opportunity for high school coaches and players. If you’re interested in traveling to Spain for football purposes, look into this program now.

Our friends at USA Football are CLEARLY excited.

Quote of the day!

If you have time this weekend, read through this thread. There’s a ton of good advice in here.

It seems like we’re all encouraging players to play multiple sports these days. The Todd Marinovich specialization experiment didn’t work. But Dr. House is just here to remind us.

All of the strength coaches out there can relate to this one.

Good luck tonight!

And if you’re not playing, be grateful for what you have.

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