FNF Coaches Talk — Goal-line fades, pushing football to spring, treating HS differently

FNF Coaches Talk

Happy Friday, Coaches. We hope these stories take you into a great weekend.

1. So long, goal-line fade: Why one of the NFL’s least efficient passing plays is disappearing (ESPN)

We still like a good goal-line fade at the high school level but can certainly see how it might not be as effective in the pros when every player on the field has exceptional talent and athleticism.

Part of the reason lies in the remarkable inefficiency of the play. Just 13.5% of those 37 fades were caught for touchdowns in 2019, compared with 57% of flat routes, 42% of slants and 42.5% of out routes. Although last season was historically awful, the play has always been a dubious option. Over the previous two seasons, quarterbacks connected on 30% of fades thrown close to the goal line compared with 48% of all other routes.

So why do coordinators still dial up the fade, albeit more infrequently than they did in years past?

“They don’t trust their quarterback,” one offensive coach explains. “People get conservative because they already have points. They think, ‘We’ve got a field goal anyways.'”


Would you still consider running a goal-line fade at the HS level?

2. No contact sports permitted in New Mexico in fall 2020 (Durango Herald)

We’re hoping this trend doesn’t gain momentum, but it appears more college and football programs will postpone the season to the spring.

New Mexico has decided to scrap fall plans for football and soccer, and is currently planning to pick them back up in the spring. The timeline for other fall non-contact sports like volleyball and cross country are under review with a possible delayed start to their seasons on the table in the state.

While many states have considered moving fall sports to the spring in the wake of the COVID pandemic and rising case numbers across the country, the announcement from the NMAA is the first such official announcement from a state athletic association.

“The New Mexico Activities Association will be postponing both the 2020 football and soccer seasons to the spring semester. Although the NMAA and its member schools were hopeful that all interscholastic sports and activities could resume as originally scheduled this August, the continued coronavirus pandemic and resulting public health concerns have forced the association to consider adjustments for the 2020-2021 school year.”


Are you starting to feel resigned to not having a fall football season?

3. A high school coach makes his case for a fall season (Twitter)

Well, let’s send it into the weekend with some hope. We may even try to have Coach Shattuck on a future podcast to give us hope!

Would you be OK with having a high school season even if the college and NFL seasons get postponed?

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