FNF Coaches Talk — Free ProCom headset giveaway, NCAA’s return-to-play recommendations, safety measures

Welcome back, Coaches. We have three posts for the day, including a headset giveaway.

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What opportunities have you taken advantage of to win free stuff?

2. NCAA Football Oversight Committee suggests 6-week practice period before programs can return to play (Stadium Network)

We’re all wondering about our specific state’s return-to-play schedule as we look to return to normal life after the stay-at-home orders are removed.

While it’s not comparing apples to apples since the preseason is typically shorter at the high school level, it’s worth taking a look at what the NCAA is recommending. The NCAA’s Football Oversight Committee has suggested a six-week period before returning to play.

The six-week period will not be officially recommended until the committee receives the necessary approval of the NCAA COVID-19 Advisory Panel. That approval could come later this week. The six-week time frame, if formally approved, is significant because it would give universities a better indication of when exactly the college football season could start, a time frame that’s dependent on allowing students to return to campus this fall in the first place.

Here’s the reaction we’re anticipating from a lot of high school coaches.

The season is scheduled to start Aug. 29 with seven games involving 12 FBS teams, meaning student-athletes would need to report around July 20 to get the necessary six weeks in. The remaining 118 FBS schools do not play their opener until the following week between Thursday, Sept. 3 and Monday, Sept. 7. Those schools would need to report around July 27.


How many practice days will you need before the first game to get your players ready?

3. St. Louis high school football coaches implement strategies to respond to the gun violence that hasn’t ceased (KSDK 5)

We all have players we worry about with the current shutdown situation. Not everyone feels safe and protected in their own homes or hometowns, and we have to be cognizant of that as we try to stay connected with our players.

High school football coaches around the St. Louis area are working to implement strategies to respond to the gun violence that hasn’t ceased during the shutdown.

“As far as from our standpoint at Ritenour, we’re also in the area where our kids are not always in the best situations when they’re not at school,” Ritenour High School head football coach Kyle Wagner said. “Just as a community I think it did let us know that we need to start to do something, if you aren’t doing something already.”

Wagner was hired as the new Ritenour head football coach as schools began to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, he was only able to meet with a portion of his players face-to-face before the school closed its doors.

Wagner said he knew he needed to find ways to connect with his team and make sure all of them had someone to turn to if they need help during this time.

“I tell them 24-7 they can contact me and talk about anything,” Wagner said. “So, I’ve had players contact me about tutoring, all the way up to ya know traumatic issues that we kind of had to handle at 12 o’clock at night.”

Wagner added that he may not personally know all of his players well yet, but his coaching staff does. So, he delegated coaches to work with different players on the team.

“I assigned each coach on my staff five to 10 kids to keep track of. And so what they do is they call at least once a week. They check in on the kid, make sure that they don’t need help reaching teachers.”


What are you doing to help your kids feel safe at home?

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