FNF Coaches Talk — Former Bishop Gorman champion coach fired, no jump ball???, college plans in the air

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Welcome back, Coach! We’ve got three good stories for you.

1. Five-time state champion coach fired after … two games with new team??? (St. Augustine Record)

This one stunned us.

Watch this video, and decide if this sounds like someone who is about to get into a confrontation with a parent and AD that will result in his firing within the next few hours.

Menendez High School (Fla.) went BIG in January by hiring Kenny Sanchez away from Las Vegas powerhouse Bishop Gorman.

The school has now fired him after two games. Why ask a coach to move his family across the country if you are so uncertain about his character that he can cause you to fire him in a matter of minutes?

The school confirmed Friday that it had relieved Sanchez of duties after a 1-1 start to the 2020 season.

In his previous stop, Sanchez led Bishop Gorman to a 65-8 record in his five seasons as head coach, while extending Gorman’s run to 10 straight state championships before the streak ended in the 2019 Desert Region final.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote that Sanchez got into a verbal confrontation with a disgruntled parent and the Menendez AD following the club’s 28-3 win over Gainesville Eastside on Thursday night.

Read the entire story here.

What recourse would you take if your job was terminated due to an altercation with your AD?

2. Explain this rule! Kentucky high school basketball rules prohibit jump ball to start games (WLWT 5)

I think we’ve gone too far.

Kentucky high school basketball games will no longer start with a jump ball.

Instead, they’ll commence with a flip of a coin, according to new rules released by the Kentucky High School Athletic Association amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The KHSAA recently released its “return to competition” guidelines for various sports, which includes new rules for basketball. Notably, the new rules include the elimination of the jump ball to start the game.

The coin flip will be called by the home team, and the alternating possession arrow will then reset by rule when the initial throw-in is complete.

Similarly, the start of an overtime period will commence with a coin toss, the rules state, which will be called by the visiting team.

Subsequent overtime periods will be started with possession by the team based on the alternation possession arrow.

Read the entire article.

What is the point of skipping the jump ball — only to allow players to make contact with each other over the ensuing 48 minutes?

1. High school athletes have long envisioned playing sports in college. The coronavirus could alter their plans. (Chicago Tribune)

Some graduating high-school athletes are finding that the pandemic is dashing their hopes of playing college sports.

They are contending with postponed, canceled or abbreviated seasons — some in the spring of their junior year and their senior fall. That means fewer opportunities for college coaches to see them play at a time high-school officials say is often most important for their prospects.

There are fewer chances to connect with college coaches and athletes in person, and sometimes fewer chances to visit a college campus at all. Many current NCAA athletes have been given an extra year of eligibility, which some high-school officials fear could limit available team slots in the years to come.

Though the challenges for high school athletes amid COVID-19 restrictions are significant, West Aurora High School Athletic Director Jason Buckley said all Illinois students and colleges are facing similar circumstances.

“Having a number of prospective college athletes, and high-achieving (future) college athletes, and not giving them the platform to compete in their final year of high school — that’s tough,” he said.

Read the entire story.

What are you doing to get your players looks this fall?

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