FNF Coaches Talk for Tuesday, Jan. 8

Good afternoon, Coaches. We hope you enjoyed the College Football National Championship Game last night. Here are some of the stories we’re discussing today.

1. How did the jet sweep make it to the big leagues? (ESPN)

The fly sweep pass has become all the rage this season in the NFL. It’s a wrinkle in an offense that has given defensive coordinators problems all season.

Remaining playoff teams like the Chiefs, Rams, Patriots and Eagles all used it this season, not to mention the recently eliminated Texans and Bears, along with the Dolphins, Browns, Broncos, Titans and Steelers.

In concept, the fly sweep is simple: A receiver or running back goes in motion, a quarterback in the shotgun takes the snap and — almost like a touch pass in basketball — he lets the ball float in the air. It rarely travels more than a few inches. If all goes well, the receiver catches it on the run, just as he’s hitting top speed, and zooms around the end of the line. If it goes poorly, and the receiver drops the exchange, it’s an incomplete pass — not, crucially, a fumble.

Here’s an example.

Now that the fly sweep is being accounted for by defenses, offensive coordinators are using the play as a decoy for deep passing plays.

Coaches – How do you coach your team to defend the jet sweep?

2. How Chiefs players prepare bodies for a game on short rest (FOX 4 KC)

We’ve all seen the toll a physical game can take on our players. Sometimes, it seems that one week’s time is not even enough to get the players fully healed for the next opponent.

We stumbled across this article from last month when the Chiefs were preparing for a Thursday night showdown on a short week.

Players workouts likely consist of lighter weight with more reps to get the blood flowing. Proper blood flow aids in recovery. He added the preparation for a week like this one starts in the off season.

Nutrition is also a key component to recovery for the Chiefs.

But it’s not all about foam rollers and compression sleeves, players diets can play a big role in their recovery. It starts with a lot of real whole foods and eliminating cheat days. Healthy fats are vital for fighting inflammation.

What do you stress to help your players recover faster between games?

3. Hologram glasses will allow users to play-back recent plays and simulations (StartUp Monday)

Here’s a new tech product that caught our eye. ByteCubed has invented eyewear that includes technology that uses holograms for sports training.

The technology is currently being used by the Baltimore Ravens, who use the technology to simulate the opposing team on the field and react to real-time data, according to a release. Microsoft’s “HoloLens” glasses allows users to play-back recent plays and simulations.

It’s difficult to predict if — or when — this technology will impact the high school game, but it seems like it could be a game-changer in terms of pre-game preparation. Imagine if instead of showing a player film and asking how he’d react to a certain coverage, you could hand him hologram glasses and visualize it together.

What benefits would virtual reality training have for your team?

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