FNF Coaches Talk for Tuesday, Dec. 11

Good afternoon, Coaches. Here are some of the stories we’re talking about today in our newsroom.

1. John DeFilippo quizzes Carson Wentz on plays, formations (Twitter)

John DeFilippo was fired today in the middle of his first season as Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator. The Vikings offense has struggled this year, and every coach is on the chopping block in the NFL when the results fall short of expectations. Still, we couldn’t help but think about this video of DeFilippo, then the Eagles quarterbacks coach, quizzing Carson Wentz before the 2016 NFL Draft.

It’s a great example of how a coach can quiz a player to find out what he’s thinking on each play. Recognizing coverages and options within a play are paramount to a quarterback’s success.

Coaches — How do you make sure your quarterback is seeing the field the right way?

2. Brock Huard’s Chalk Talk: Ed Dickson’s touchdown vs Packers (My Northwest)

Former NFL quarterback Brock Huard has become a TV and radio commentator in Seattle, and he is very adept at breaking down plays on the whiteboard.

In this video, he shares how the Seattle Seahawks have been so strong in the red zone this year. On this touchdown pass, he says that Russell Wilson is likely welcoming a blitz on 3rd and 9 from the 15 — because that’s what great quarterbacks do.

What plays do you run in the red zone to negate a strong pass rush?

3. 2 years ago, he knew nothing about football. Now this Indonesian student is a Maine all-conference linebacker. (Bangor Daily News)

This story speaks to the coaching chops of the Foxcroft Academy coaching staff. They took a transfer from Indonesia who had never watched football before and molded him into an All-Conference linebacker in less than two years time.

The player, Sekton Wandikbo, was recruited by an assistant football coach who saw the Indonesian student play basketball.

“When I was playing basketball in the gym that winter [FA assistant football coach] Ryan Dankert asked me if I wanted to try football, and I thought it was a good opportunity,” he said.

Foxcroft head coach Danny White encouraged Wandikbo to watch as much film as he could to speed up the learning curve outside of practice. Wandikbo fell in love with highlights of Ray Lewis and Marshawn Lynch.

“To come in as a high school junior in a foreign country and play a sport you’ve only seen maybe on TV or YouTube, it’s a credit to his natural physical ability,” White said. “But he also developed a passion and love for football that pushed him to want to improve, and a passion and love for his teammates and our football program so that he wanted to make a mark on it.”

How do you encourage new players to the sport during the offseason?

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